Game against Winnipeg Saturday August 13...bring it on!

The Lions will have their work cut out for them this Saturday and they'd better be firing on all cylinders. They will need to play like they played against Saskatchewan, in fact they will have to ratchet things up considerably. If not, then Travis Lulay will be seeing stars, some in Bomber jerseys called Bomber D-Men all over him! The Bombers are the stingiest team in the CFL having given up only113 points all season to the opposition. The Lions on the other hand are averaging almost 30 points per game against.

Winnipeg leads the CFL in QB sacks! Travis are you listening young man? B.C. Lions O-Line are you guys reading this?
The Bombers are riding high atop the CFL east and overall with Edmonton and rightly so but their new found "swagger" may come to an abrupt end at Empire Field come Saturday evening. This may be the night the Bombers get bombed and sent staggering back to "Staggerville".

wouldn't that be nice.

I'm worried about Winterpeg, they're the exact opposite of what we all expected. Could be a very interesting (not necessarily good) game.

I'm with you on that! They have the highest sack record in the CFL this year. If Lulay is looking up at the sky seeing stars too early in the game it is going to be one long night for the young fellow. B.C.'s O-Line had better be on its game or Lulay will be running for his life. Of course Buck Pierce is not exactly built like a tank. He' prone to injury and unfortunately has gone down at critical times and been taken out of the game. I sure don't want to see him injured but a "buck" wheat pancake lying prostrate on the field wouldn't be a bad thing occasionally.

Keep in mind, BC has already played Winnipeg and played a close game losing 25-20 IN Winnipeg. They're certainly beatable if we play a sound game.

The Blue Bombers are an incredibly cocky bunch who are due for a letdown. I think the Lions are actually lucky to be playing Winnipeg. A chance to catch a team, who's being told their the greatest thing ever, napping at the wheel. BC can certainly play with Winnipeg.

We just need the o-line to provide protection for Travis, who needs to be quick and accurate in the pocket. Winnipeg offense isn't spectacular so this game will be dependent on how the Lions produce offensively.

That really isn't true, you know...they celebrate the plays the make on the field, but they certainly aren't going around telling everyone how great they are...They are a very young team with a lot of fire in their belly, who truly believe they are playing for each other and for Coach Harris. I'd be very surprised to see the defense in particular have any major letdowns this year, and certainly won't be caught napping.

they make me sick. now if we can make them sick.

Didn't we make the Bruce trade just for this game? He talks as much smack as their mayor does.

Or....maybe not... :wink:

You're mistaken cocky for confident and we proved it last night, we tamed the mighty (LOL) 1-6 Lions pretty easy .... Last game against us it was Paris Jackson that guaranteed a win against us (and the guy didn't even play) what happened? Oh yeah we WON ..... This week it was Brent Johnson talking smack, look what happened? Oh and MR.EGO Bruce or whatever the heck you wanna call the overrated and much hated Bruce ...... Nice fumble MR.EGO ..... Teams will keep talking smack and we'll keep on winning .... SWAG SWAG SWAG ..... :rockin:

Bring it on? OH We Brought It .....

Well, what can anyone say - worst Lions game in years.

You can attribute some of the confusion on offense and defense to the number of personnel moves - but then they should be playing simplified schemes not putting Phillips in multi-roles on defense and complicated routes and multiple motion on offense with some many new guys and have them running into each other. I feel bad for Andrew Harris - gets the major running role he has worked hard for and ends up with negative total rushing yards after having a great run called back and the ball knocked out of his hands by his own receivers plus a bad handoff from the QB where he gets drilled, passes thrown at his feet on out routes. Just brutal offense.