Game 9: Als at Bombers 08/11/22

This is good. Our guards have been crap this year. If Lestage can do better at that position, it's an automatic improvement for the whole offense.

That Oline needs a revamp next year.

Matte definitely needs to be reevaluated. He's playing and moving like a guy whose career is almost over.

I like Rice and Jamieson. Brown did good work when Jamieson was out. Callender hasn't done badly at left tackle. Certainly he's been better than Schleuger there. But if we're able to run the ball more effectively, that will help the O-line a lot. Better for them to throw run-blocks than to always be in pass-blocking mode. Easier on them too.

But everytime a running play is called it's 2,3,4 yards most of the time.

That's what I mean by "effectively." If we can start breaking off bigger runs on average -- not talking about 30-yard scampers, just like 5-7 yards most of the time, with maybe the odd romp -- it will take the heat off the O-line. They can be the hammer instead of the nail in run-blocking and it gives us better time of possession as we start to grind away the defensive front.

We have gone through so many backs since Stanback got injured and none of them have been particularly effective. That's on the line. And possibly the position coach. We should not need an elite running back to be effective on the ground.

That's what i mean...Fletcher, Antwi, and the most recent RB (whose name escapes me)...not that effective...i think that it's an Oline issue.


Meanwhile, newly signed offensive-lineman Pier-Olivier Lestage practised at left guard for Philippe Gagnon on Sunday, although Maciocia said no final decision has been taken. Defensive back Wes Sutton is recovering from a concussion, while fellow DB Najee Murray also didn’t practice. And return specialist Chandler Worthy remains sidelined with an ankle injury.

Warren Newman is back on the Practice Roster. Keishawn Bierria is there as well.

The whole thing is misdirection to confuse O'Shea. :smirk:

Trevor Harris will start every game until maybe the last 2 of the season, baring injury.

Then he leaves or retires and the team starts from scratch once again.

Rinse and repeat.

Back to when Calvillo would be in games up 52-6 with 4 minutes left in the game

As per yesterday's injury report, many players were limited or DNP, including 4 DBs. Rodney Randle , Wesley Sutton and Zach Lindly DNP; Najee Murray was limited.

As okie wrote, Jarnor Jones, now on practice roster, will most probably replace Sutton if he's out; if another DB is out, Kenneth Durden, also on practice roster, should be on the active roster.

As Sheldon wrote yesterday, the Alouettes should sign A DB Rakeem Wilson released by Calgary on August 2,2022; he played quite well for Calgary in 2021 and I was quite surprised by his release. Anything to do with ratio or other reasons? Would be a good addition for the Alouettes.


Rakeem Wilson was released by the Stampeders when Brandon Dozier was added to active roster, after 6 games on injury list. Wilson played/started mostly as a safety, although he player also halfback and cornerback.


Don't forget free agency. At the start of every year all those one year contracts bring a new batch of talent to the table. Expect quarterbacks to be available for needy teams such as yours. Edmonton will likely go after a starter if Jones gets antsey. Maciocia MIGHT do the same thing.

Prime offerings could include Jake Maier, Dru Brown, Cody Fajardo, Micheal O'Conner, Dane Evans, Taylor Cornelius... even Nathan Rourke (if the NFL doesn't take him). Dig in you hungry ALs! :grinning: :+1:

Geeezzz i remember that!

Adrian McPherson would be in the Hall of Fame today if he was only given a chance.

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As per today's injury report, DBs Murray and Sutton were limited while Randle DNP. Definitely 1 or 2 DBs on 1 game injury list.

DE Avery Ellis was a full participent as was Trevor Harris; Eugene Lewis was limited.


One option the team is considering is starting Pier-Olivier Lestage in place of Philippe Gagnon.

The other option is to move Kristian Matte to center, sit Sean Jamieson and use Lestage and Gagnon as the Guards.

Based on last 2 days of practice, Philippe Gagnon was limited; he could go to 1 game injury list, meaning that Lestage would definitely start.