Game 9: Als at Bombers 08/11/22

From John Lu:

Dominique Davis is first QB up in offensive drill to start Day One practice. Davis Alexander up second. Trevor Harris has his helmet off; he might be dinged up.

first team offence being led by Dominique Davis, backed up by Davis Alexander. Harris not taking reps. Eugene Lewis started practice but has changed out of his gear. Chandler Worthy remains out.

From Fred Weinrauch:

Congratulations to Keishawn Bierria the #Montreal #Alouettes :writing_hand: :us: LB

Yikes. Davis at #1, Alexander at #2. May as well use this week to evaluate talent. Not like we have a hope in hell of winning with so many players out.

Trevor Harris and Geno Lewis will be listed as Limited when the Injury Report for Day 1 comes out, but I would expect both to play on Thursday.

Team must have been listening to Richard as they signed the linebacker he wanted.

I've seen enough Harris. May as well give Davis & Alexander some playing time.

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I don't know if he will be added to active roster but, to me, A LB Keishawn Bierra can't not be worse/ can easily be better than A LB Josh Harvey-Clemons who has no defensive tackles and 2 tackles on special units in 5 games.


I know that he's an "interception machine" but I have no problems if Dominique Davis was to start this Thursday in Winnipeg. I definitely don't expect a victory. Whether they lose with Davis or Alexander or Harris what's the difference.


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From Joey Alfieri:

Per Danny Maciocia, Trevor Harris will start against Winnipeg. TH took a maintenance day today. So did Geo Lewis. The Als also tried a few new combinations up front with P-O Lestage in the mix

The Montreal Alouettes announced the following transactions on Sunday:

Player added to the roster:
Keishawn Bierria (A), LB, Washington

Players released
Clayton Bradley (A), OL, UNLV
Isaiah Gay (A), DL, Illinois
Eric Mezzalira (N), LB, McMaster

They are finally making O-line changes. That's good to see.

Difference being if they lose with Davis or Alexander, it gives them playing time.
At this point, I would rather lose with either one of them knowing they are getting some experience.

Harris should be a back up if either one gets injured IMO.

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Stay the course Danny. :person_facepalming:

Oh you gotta be kidding me. We have a habit of 'playing down' to lesser teams but THIS sir will be a real challenge.

I KNOW that the players on both teams are ALL professionals and somehow... I KNOW that our guys will be up to playing the 'Worst Game' of their lives. We'll make it close for three quarters even if we have to start scoring against ourselves. This I promise. :grinning: :+1:

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« Notre problème est entre les deux oreilles »
L'entraîneur-chef des Alouettes, Danny Maciocia, croit que son équipe joue du bon football mais se doit de cesser les pénalités inutiles comme ce fut le cas contre les Blue Bombers jeudi dernier.

Sounds like Wes Sutton might have suffered a concussion. Should he not play, Jarnor Jones would be in consideration to take his place on the roster.

Danny Maciocia has not yet considered cutting guys who take bad penalties but that would be the next step.

Tavien Feaster will continue to get an chance at the RB position.

Team is evaluating where Pier-Olivier Lestage fits into the lineup.

Maciocia thought the team had a great opportunity to win the game. Believe the issue is the mindset of the team.

When asked by Herb Zurkowksy if he was happy with the production from Trevor Harris, Maciocia just said that he was their best option at QB.

Like I said in another post...

Stay the course Danny. :person_facepalming:

I would like the Als to take a look at Raheem Wilson, a pretty decent former starting DB the Stampeders just released.

DM should do the opposite of what he thinks. If every decision he makes is wrong, then the opposite would be right!..:smiley:

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Then Danny Costanza would go on to pick up a new girlfriend, move out of his parent's house and land a job with the New York Yankees instead of the Montreal Alouettes. Order would be restored in the universe.

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Exactly! Hello my name is Danny, i am unemployed and still live with my parents.


D'autre part, Danny Maciocia y est allé d'un changement au niveau de sa ligne à l'attaque. Pier-Olivier Lestage s'est entraîné à la position de garde à gauche partant, à la place de Philippe Gagnon.

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Gagnon? Well i guess it can be anyone of standout on that oline.