HUGE sack!


And very timely! D game plan going smoothly - stop Harris and Sack Macbeth! :grinning:

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Great run

Jones looking good!!

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Mike Jones catch - coming back to the QB on the scramble drill.

Dane looking for ANYONE getting open

Good to see. Offense seems to have found some legs early this week. Seems to me they were a bit slow getting started last week.

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Saw Wynn sitting on the sidelines, and I thought at first it was Jesse Lumsden. Never noticed the resemblance before.

Oh no….Addison hurt!

Addison clutching his ankle = not good

That looked like a big injury🤬

Definitely not! Our O players are going down like flies. Sure don't want to lose Addison but he wasn't trying to get up at all.

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I agree with Forde - Achilles.

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OUCH - that would be season ending and probably into early next season too! :anguished:

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Might as well start it.

Some of us will be here and not watching in person at BMO.

Let's use the other thread - Krisiun beat me by a minute posting... lol

You usually start them but I didn't see one and thought you might be on vacation or something.

I was getting ready for a trip to BC for a week. Laundry, checking in for the flight, etc.

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It generally takes a full year to recover from one.
ST-E putting on his helmet is a great sign.

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