I'm not usually the one to start the gameday thread but here it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

We posted at the same time. Let's use this one.

Glad I checked this one out - just left a brief comment on the other thread but I'll go where everyone else is going to comment.

Maybe a mod can combine them.

I flagged my own post to ask for this... lol

There are only two comments - the initial one and mine. I imagine most who want to participate will figure out where the action is.

We won the toss and deferred. Good call.

ST-E hurt - and they are stabilizing his head. Doesn't look good.

Barely have the ball kicked off and already SET is down and NOT getting up. Coach O has even got out to the field. Not looking good.

Who has that absolutely MAGNIFICENT 'stache?

Woods III is playing. He was a GTD

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Durant mention. more than all last week.

So, Jones still has speed. But was that overthrown, or did he slow up trying to find the ball?

Damn it's hard watching games at BMO.. there's noone at this game

I didn't notice him letting up, so I would think it was a bit of an overthrow.
Same thing happened in the end zone

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Could have been a bit of both. Points on the board - FG rather than TD but points are points.

Everybody’s at the Lady Gaga concert?

Dane overthrew (I believe Jackson) last week as well. They’ll eventually connect on one.

And Drake

Id rather the watch the cats!