Game 8: Bombers at Als 08/03/22

If Vernon Adams has an injured right elbow and has to be placed on the 6-game injured list, why was he tossing the football with fans in the stands yesterday?

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difference between tossing a ball and being game ready.


The Alouettes have released A OL Clayton Bradley and N LB Eric Mezalira from practice roster. A DE Isaah Gay has been released from active roster to practice roster.


I don't think it was racism. I think he has very little contacts in Pro football. The coaches he hired from the outside, both changed their mind before coming to Montreal and the rest are guys that worked for him in college ball, not even in Edmonton so far. The other guys Miles, Howard were hired by Jones.

Which is likely the case as the receiver usually catches the ball.

Speaking of Alouette Gay DEs:

They will trot him out for every game of the season and be no further ahead knowing what they have next year.

Thats the MO for this org.