Game 8: Bombers at Als 08/03/22

On that we agree totally; racism is racism. No such thing as "reverse" racism, that makes no sense whatsoever.

If you make a value judgment about someone's behaviour or their character based solely on the colour of their skin, that is racism.

To be clear, I was not in any way "crying". I merely said to be careful. Think of what you'd say if someone wrote "Only black people get offended by. . " or "Only east asians get offended by".

Simply put, it's borderline racist because it defines a group of people based solely on the colour of their skin.

I'm still a supporter of MLK's hope that one day his children would be judged on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin.

Sadly, we seem to be moving away from, rather than towards, that goal.

There is far too much 'identity politics' going on today, defining people based on race. I think it's regrettable.


Which players do you sit, okie? I agree 100% with you that some have underachieved but you replace them by which players?

Which players would I sit or release?

First one would be Tyrice Beverette ; underachiever, overpaid and taking bad penalties. I wrote about him-should be gone- many games ago. I WOULD RELEASE HIM.

Second one would be Almondo Sewell; another underachiever and overpaid player. After next game, if you release veterans of six years or more, their salaries are guaranteed. IWOULD RELEASE HIM.

Randle Jr. has been beaten quite often last night and games before. QUESTION MARK.

Tyson Philpot would be A REGULAR. Replacing Kaion Julien-Grant. Too many passes dropped.

I would try to find a RB, since William Stanback is out for at least the next 5 games.


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Faut plutôt remplacer Hergy Mayala!

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Agree with your assessment Richard.

Having Philpot on the sidelines, for me, I do not understand.
I do not care if he is a rookie. He is playing far better than several of the veterans.


I find it hard to believe that anybody involved in professional football especially management would actually have these biases. And even if he did why would he let them override his management and player personnel/ coaching decisions? that would be insane. I just think that Maciocia may be a poor judge of talent. Popp despite his faults could assess talent that would thrive in this league. Unfortunately he seemed to lose this ability as his tenure wore on. I dont think that Popp would have stayed with stayed with Edwards as long as this regime has. He would have brought in replacements. Right now I dont think any of these QBs is viable. Macioca seems to have way to much in faith in Edwards.

Unfortunately the problems are much deeper than just replacing a few players - and with no better ones in the pipeline.

If it was only 1 or 2 aspects you can work on solving things - buts it's QB, o-line, receivers not getting separation, d-line, DBs.

Not to mention the offensive playbook & continued lack of discipline.

But not to worry, I'm sure Maciocia is on the case. :worried:

What happens going forward? If Stern keeps Maciocia for the balance of his 2 yr. contract, no decent potential Head Coach such as a Buck Pierce will want to come here knowing Maciocia won't give him free reign to pick assistants, etc.

Very depressing, but it's a nice weekend ahead so I better get over it quickly.

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I came on here after the game but didnt have the stomach to stay long. It was like a feeding frenzy. I left after reading the open display of hatred and racism by d&p. it was shocking and disgusting,
It makes commenting about the game seem pointless now. Even visiting today I wonder why I'm here.

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You accuse Maciocia of being a racist. That is a very serious claim.


Let's face it, the season is lost. Harris is finished. He is not the present, and he is certainly not the future.
I say use the rest of the year to evaluate the new QB Alexander. Can he really be worse than Harris?


I'm also curious to see Alexander after he appeared decent in pre-season.

But with the play of our o-line & receivers you don't want to throw him to the wolves too quickly & ruin him. Perhaps a couple of series each game to get him some experience.


But I guess Maciocia wasn't racist when he gave outsized contracts to guys like Sewell, Usher, Mayala, Beverette.


Why David Overstreet all of a sudden. He died more than38 years ago. -June 24,1988.-


Danny/ the Alouettes have selected good National talent, in past years, but Danny's record for signings of free agents is an F; furthermore, he has overpaid all of them.



I agree about Maciocia's improving the National talent after 3 yrs. of our not having 1st round choices.

But the American recruiting has been poor so he has had to sign free agents, and in free agency you always overpay.

Mention of David Overstreet reminds me of another eccentric owner we had - Nelson Skalbania. He was involved in lots of shady dealings - but at least he wasn't on Twitter. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah yes, Mr. Skalbania.


You have a runningback, just have to teach your Oline to run block.

Les mets dans une rotation et donne plus de temps au plus productif.

Yes Philpot should be given an opportunity with the OT.