Game 8: Bombers at Als 08/03/22

With Avery Ellis out, the Als have Mike Moore listed as a DE. Tavien Feaster gets a shot at RB while Walter Fletcher is moved to the 1-game. Jarnor Jones is off the 6-game and has moved to the Practice Roster.

From John Lu:

Vernon Adams Jr has been placed on the 6-game IL due to tendinitis in his throwing elbow. Earlier this week he received a second injection of lubricant (hyaluronic acid), but the joint has not responded as hoped.

LB Chris Ackie from 6-game Injured List
DL Isaiah Gay from Practice Roster
KR Warren Newman from Practice Roster
OL Pier-Olivier Lestage signed this week
RB Tavien Feaster from 1-game Injured List


DL Avery Ellis to 1-game Injured List
KR Chandler Worthy to 1-game Injured List
OL Patrick Davis to 1-game Injured List
WR Regis Cibasu to 1-game Injured List
RB Walter Fletcher to 1-game Injured Listût2022.pdf

Hopefully Adams' tendinitis will respond to treatment.

In the meantime we will have to sink or swim with Trevor Harris. We know all about Dominique Davis and have no idea how Davis Alexander has been progressing.

Would like to see them move the pocket a bit with Harris, rather than having him stand in one spot.

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I'm curious to see how Tavien Feaster does at RB. I thought Walter Fletcher showed he had a burst in his limited opportunities.

Not sure if Fletcher is legitimately injured or the coaches are not happy with him and want to try Feaster.

But in any case the o-line has to do a better job of run blocking.


Montreal has a shot here at least with the line of +5.5 for those betting.
Situationally Montreal has an edge. Winnipeg comes in on a really short week-Tough game in Calgary last Saturday go home then back out for Thursday. I doubt they even practiced. They haven't had a bye week and must be tired. Montreal had a normal week. They have to score TDs when in red zone.

I'm hopeful that we will see more of Philpot. Calgary even had his twin brother run out of the backfield occasionally.


Love your optimism but I wouldn't bet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree about Philpot.

I already placed a small one on them actually.

Everything you say here is true, we all know Bombers will crap the bed sometime this year. If so better with an Eastern team. It may also be a benefit, Incase some of the Bombers are counting their chickens.

My preference is for Montreal to play great as opposed to Winnipeg playing poorly. I wonder how Montreal would look with no turnovers and less than 8 penalties.


I do agree, if Montreal were to win, I would be more comfortable if Montreal outplayed the Bombers in a well played game, the Winnipeg @ Calgary game comes to mind.

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usually, the better team wins in sports; always some surprises. Tomorrow, I don't expect any surprise. Winnipeg should win, since they are the better team at most positions, if not all.


Now that Vernon is on the 6 game injury list, Danny will have to add a QB to the practice roster. Danny does not want Vernon's salary to be "charged" against the cap; still costs for the Owner.


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I'm not certain how many shots it usually takes ... but a second shot without response does not sound encouraging.

Etienne Boulay’s Atypique comes in handy during Alouettes games :joy: tomorrow is Sangria night :yum:

What no $90 poutine in a helmet :wink:

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With Adams on the 6-game, they need to develop a package of plays for Davis.

Alexander seems like a decent prospect, but he's in no way ready. I don't want to put him in a position to fail.

Wonder if the injury to Vernon Adams was sustained when he was stripped off the ball against the Redblacks, or has this sore elbow been a lingering issue.

Players typically say they are not interested in personal stats but if Wes Sutton does care, he should be aware that his league lead in penalty yards by DPI is not safe. Maybe back-to-back games against the Bombers can help him maintain or increase the gap, so he can remain in 1st place.

Penalty Yards from Defensive Pass Interference
Wes Sutton 134
EDM 112
CGY 107
BCL 87
MTL w/o Sutton 86
OTT 68
WPG 46
TOR 20
SSK 11
HAM 00

Hard to believe Hamilton has zero.
Guess we should keep in mind these are accepted penalties. If the receiver catches the ball anyway the penalty is declined.

If the guards struggle again, LBJ and Calvillo should make changes on the line. Give LeStage a shot at right or left guard.

Real talk, anyone actually going to the game and think of trying the helmet poutine?

I agree they need a few packages of plays for Davis (DD) ... perhaps ideally run post QB-sneak in a hurry-up mode ... but IMO no reason not to also develop some plays for "the other" Davis (DA) ... maybe something in a 2-QB set so he initially is the "distraction" but gets the opportunity to get used to being on the field ... maybe the DA plays could also be used in the DD packages.