Game 7 Als @ticats

Depth chart is out… brooks and durant making their debuts..CVZ on 6 game


So I see that Woods is a GTD and if he is indeed a no go then the next man up on the KR/PR chart is none other than Kneeler White :scream_cat:.

OUCH !!!

We all better pray that Woods is a go for tomorrow night . :pray:

I think unless he has another brain fart, it’s time to let it go. Life’s too short to hold a grudge😆


Until he pulls a wood and returns a TD then he won’t hold a grudge :joy:


Adeleke, Jackson and Erlington might be options for KR too.

Thanks for posting the Game Day thread @FMFan ! :+1:
Depth Chart looks better than I thought it would with Brooks and Durant in.
Anxious to see Durant, Hopefully Woods III plays


With Van Zyl out; the O line may be porous again. Dane needs to be protected early to get his confidence.
This is a must win game or both Larks and Argos pull away.


Here is hoping they remember Burt is on the roster. Love to see what the kid can do.

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Np fans help other other fans within the team


1 hour jet ride to the Hammer

IMHO I would have kept Darby Jr in as DB and took Leonard out.

IIRC, Calgary picked on Leonard during their comeback game, possibly knowing his weaknesses and the reason they let him go as a free agent, allowing Cats to pick him up.

Darby seems to be a ball hawk and certainly is a student of the game re his video interview and game play breakdown.


Sounds like if WoodIII can't go then Don Jackson will be the returns guy

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No one has mentioned the change at third-string QB. We are replacing J.Morton - a 6'3" 237-lb QB who they wouldn't let run the sneak - with J.Newman, a 6'4" 230-lb QB who they likely won't let run the sneak.

Best of luck to 6' 2" 205-lb Shiltz, who may be extra-motivated against his former team.

And hopefully our coaches noticed from the BC game film that it is not a great plan to send the QB around the end where there are two more tacklers than there are blockers.

They must have an entire page in the playbook dedicated to this two tacklers and no blockers scenario. The 4 yard pass on 2nd and 15 works in the same manner. :smile:

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One of these days that play is going to trick them and actually work . :laughing:


The play as drawn up only called for two extra tacklers. As executed, there were actually three tacklers waiting for Shiltz, since one of our blockers missed his block. Presumably it was expected that Shiltz could have overpowered two waiting tacklers, but three was just too many.


kind of jealous.

Wish we could fly direct Hamilton > Montreal (and back).

Need to do my own private jet, lol.

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We ran one short yardage play where we had a guy in motion that acted as a lead blocker where we easily converted.

I am not an Xs and Os guy, and never coached football but one observation I have for short yardage.
Not just the Cats but all teams bunch up in a power formation where it is a lot of offensive players vs a lot of defenders in the box.
What if the team spread out their offence, that would be less players in the box to defend.
My theory being the easiest way to get a yard is on a 1 on 1. Second easiest would be 2 on 2.
Must not be true because no teams do it but not sure why.

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As ExPat alluded to, the smartest thing would be to use your big bodied third stringers to help move the pile. They’ve got 30 lbs. and a couple of extra inches on Shiltz and Dane. Gets them into the game and keeps your one and two guys from taking unnecessary shots. For some reason the Cats haven’t used them.


As soon as I saw that Bobo, I immediately pictured you leaping off the couch in anger and suddenly shaking off your bout of Covid. :wink:. Hope you’re recovering well.

I’m not crazy about any starter having to put in time at returns, not because of the kneel but just the added possibility of injury. Would hate to lose any of these guys long term. I could see Erlington getting some work on kickoffs. Ungerer has done some return work in the past but I take it he’s on the 6 game.