Game 7: Als at Ti-Cats 07/28/22

OL Sean Jamieson (from 6-game Injured List)
QB Davis Alexander (from 1-game Injured List)
LB Josh Harvey Clemons (from Practice Roster)

LB Tyrell Richards (to 6-game Injured List)
QB Vernon Adams (to 1-game Injured List)
OL Chris Schleuger (to 1-game Injured List)

Hamilton D line is very good..hopefully Als O line is up for the challenge!

Je ne vois pas les Alouettes gagner cette partie. La ligne défensive des Timinous est bien meilleure que celles que cette équipe a affrontées jusqu'à maintenant. Ils n'ont peut-être pas un dossier reluisant, mais c'est davantage l'attaque qui a des problèmes que la défensive. Le retour de Jamieson est une bonne nouvelle, mais est-ce que ça suffira? Harris n'aura pas beaucoup de jeux avec des tonnes de temps pour faire sa passe. Il devra prendre ses décisions vite et ses receveurs devront être plus agressifs pour aller vers le ballon et non l'attendre.

En somme, la meilleure défensive gagnera le match.

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I don't expect us to win this game. Hamilton's D is very good. We're not going to hang 40 points or anything close to that on them. And unless things really come together for us on defense this week, Hamilton's offense will be able to move the ball and score too many points for us to overcome.

The good news is that there is no way we can give away more points on special teams than we did last week. If Worthy can get out of his own head, secure the football, and gain positive yardage on kick returns, that will be an automatic improvement. It's hard when every offensive drive starts in the shadow of our own goalposts.

Edit: I liked the improvement in our third quarter last week, but we are still dead slow to start games. It would be great if we came out fast and efficient on both sides of the ball right away, in the first quarter.

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Two bad teams. Penalties and Special teams will decide I think.

C'est un peu ironique d'escompter les punitions, mais c'est certainement quelque chose qui aura son influence. Pour les unités spéciales (à peu près le seul point d'amélioration des Alouettes cette année), c'est un facteur qui comptera. Restera à voir s'il sera déterminant.

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Notre ami Johnny est très silencieux pour cette partie... :smile:

If we are not expecting the Als to win tomorrow, then who do we expect them to defeat down the road? And what was the point of the coaching change then?

The Als better win tomorrow. Enough of the BS about a new defensive scheme, not enough practice time, blah, blah, blah. And a decent defensive coach creates a playbook around his players' strengths rather than forcing them into his scheme.

Perhaps an argument can be made for letting Khari go, but not so for letting Miles go and having to initiate a new defense practically mid-season.


Maciocia taking a little shot at Khari, but there is truth to it.

“The offence has changed quite a bit,” Maciocia said when asked if he was worried about Jones helping the Ticats gameplan for the Als. “We have a little more motion than we did in the past. We also spread the ball around quite a bit more than we did before, too. The fact that we were able to get the ball to (Hergy) Mayala more last week is an example of that.

Cheer up disciplineandpunish. I'm sure that if there's a way to give away more points on special teams, Worthy will find it. You just gotta believe. :grin:

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When talking about Khari Jones, Joey Alfieri forgot to add this to the preview:

« J’ai très hâte de revoir Khari et de pouvoir jaser avec lui, j’adore cet homme. C’est un type exceptionnel, un très bon leader et un excellent entraîneur. Je suis heureux qu’il se soit trouvé un nouveau travail rapidement », a indiqué le receveur Jake Wieneke.

Ça résume assez bien le sentiment général chez les Alouettes. La prochaine fois que quelqu’un dira du mal de Jones, ce sera la première. « Business is business », mais tout le monde chez les Alouettes a beaucoup de respect pour Jones, y compris le directeur général Danny Maciocia, qui a pris la difficile décision de remercier Jones il y a trois semaines.

André Bolduc, lui, a perdu un grand complice en Jones. Le Québécois était son entraîneur adjoint et un bon ami.

« On a beaucoup communiqué depuis son départ, mais pas du tout cette semaine. On connaît tous deux la situation, nos équipes s’affronteront deux fois dans le prochain mois [à Montréal, le 20 août]. Il n’y aura donc pas de conversations, mais on va recommencer à jaser après ces deux matchs », a dit l’entraîneur des demis offensifs.

Honestly, I find it super-lame that Hamilton hired KJ as a consultant pretty much days after he was fired. I understand Khari's desire to work again. But for the Cats, that's a cheap, desperation move. You need to pick our ex-head coach's pockets? You're that worried about beating us?

Here here!

Good point I hadn’t considered that.

I will say our offence specially d.Evans has been known to fumble the ball and same with our rec as some have seen in some games that they can’t seem to hold onto the ball. So I’ll add turnovers onto ur list as well..

Football fans can be a funny breed. Ticat fans have been calling for Tommy Condell's scalp recently & looking forward to some help from Khari. But yesterday Als coach Byron Archambault was saying how multiple & creative Condell's offense is (e.g. lining up with 2 QBs), and that the Als have to spend extra time on all this.

On the other hand, Als fans have never been enamored with Khari's unimaginative offense. Since AC has taken over the play calling we have seen more pre-snap motion, spreading the ball to different receivers, and most importantly better red zone production.

So all you Ticat fans out there in my listening audience, be careful what you wish for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tommy Condell's offensive became creative when they played Ottawa. Anthony Calvillo's offensive has looked better because they played Ottawa and Edmonton.

Let's see what happens when those teams play each other. Recent history has shown the Als not being able to run the ball effectively, forcing Trevor Harris to pass, and thus becoming a sitting duck for the Hamilton front seven. If that happens on Thursday, I fear that somebody on offense will end up being 6-gamed.

Joey Alfieri said today that depending on the situation and for ratio purposes, Tyrice Beverette will rotate with Brian Harelimana at will. Marc-Antoine Dequoy would be the only Canadian starter listed on defense.

I don't get why Harelimana has to rotate in for ratio. We dress 4 Canadian OL, plus 2 WR (Julient-Grant and Mayala, with Normand rotating with WR and Philpot as the backup), and Deqoy at safety. That brings us up to 7, and then 8 if you count Antwi (though he is backed up by an American), even without Harelimana.

He just looks silly with this stuff.

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Je vous lis tous les jours! :grinning:

Et oui, j'ai très hâte pour ce match.