Game 63: Hamilton vs Montreal comments

This was a mixed bag for me

It is a win ! It is a against a team that is now 0-25 in its last 25 road games :?

Offense and Defense got off to a strong start. Once Imoh was injured that really messed with Montreal's game plan IMO.

Kerry Watkins: Well he won the game for the Als period. Popp might want to put his tail between his cheeks now. Popp commented he was the second highest paid receiver on the team and wasn't earning his pay. Well after today Watkins is fourth in the league in yardage despite missing 3 games with injury. So nice way for Watkins to showing fans and ownership that Popp isn't always right, If Popp is smart he will learn a lot about how to treat vets...

Calvillo played great again today.

Penalties Wow! Mudge, Cox and Ferry need to smart'n up. They were liabilities to the team today and if they get beat, they get beat. Had the Als played any other team today with that many penalties they would have lost. This ain't on the coaching staff.

Second half production: Aggggain a problem but I'll give a mulligan to the coachs because of losing Imoh.

Lines still not showing much of anything on both sides of the ball but at least the Oline didn't allow any dangerous hits on Calvillo!


They have to play a more disciplined football against Toronto to earn a split.

Congrats on the win !

All season long the Als slide in the second half. I agree about the penalties except, the roughness against Cox.....They runner was still inbounds and it was a bad call.

It would have been great to have Terrance Edwards as the Als 4th receiver with Thurmon, Watkins and Cahoon. This slot has not been filled since Copeland left the team. Calvillo was back to form and showed that, if called upon he can run[ slowly.]
My gripe was with the CBC who ran too many sideline interviews while the play was on and, completely missed several plays. The cameramen were off focus too much.

Same old problems that beating a bad TiCats team doesn't cure. Too many penalties on D and a complete inability to make halftime adjustments on O. Cox has been brutal the past few games and maybe needs to sit to regain his fire. Mudge is well, Mudge ... horrible.

Don't let this win fool you. We are going to get toasted by Toronto, a better team, on four days' rest.

I for one am not fooled. hamilton hasn’t won a game on th road in 3 years…but the Als showed up to play.

Winning in Toronto would be a bonus. I would be content with a split.

Cox took a bad penalty but led the team in tackles…I dont think he needed to leave his feet to make the tackle on Brock but I wasn’t on the field.

I payed special attention to Kai Ellis and he wasn’t a force out there. 3 tackles from your middle linebacker is terrible…by comparison this weekend here is how MLB compared

OShea 8 tackles 1 sack
Simpson 6 tackles
Glatt 5 tackles
Lloyd 5 tackles 1 interception
Coe/Clark 5 tackles (Coe injured)
Gass 3 tackles
Ellis 3 tackles

This idea of converting Ellis in to a MLB is plain not working. The “creature” is a huge powerful guy but it dosen’t make him a middle linebacker. The idea was interesting and cute but it just hasn’t worked. He has had one good game so has Mackey that’s it.

To put it in perspective if you add all the tackles at the MLB position Mackey+Ellis+Spencer= 47 tackles compare that to Moreno 102 tackles, Simpson 96, Oshea 70 and you see the problem here? The als already have two OLB that are tweeners and have no stud at MLB position. This has been the issue for two years now with the D. Looking at the personel they have, maybe the Als should have gone to a 3-4 since your not getting pressure from your Defensive ends anyway. I would much rather see Srickland,Hill,Ferry,insert name here then what I’ve seen this year.

Boy this hurt. Cavillo was not awful. He says his shoulder has been hurting for a couple of years. I noticed he altered his throwing on long passes two years ago-- he seemed to be pushing it - something I did when I hurt my rotator cuff many years ago. But I don't understqnd how it didn't get better with two off seasons to rest, but he takew tw weeks off duting the seqwon and it is all better. Nevertheless, HE THREW THE BQLL MUCH BETTER TODAY.That is the positive. The negative--where to start--considering we had receivers open by twenty yards downfield we didn't score enough points. Hamilton defence shouldn't be on the same field as a bunch of pee-wees.
We allowed them more points than they are used to scoring and alost allowed them to pull it out at the end of the game. We got a great break from the ridiculous refereeing on the interception by that shood have given Hamilton the ball at the same spot because of our pass interference.
We can't seem to eliminate our stupid, ill-timed penalties. time to sit someone down-- it doesn't really matter who as most are not playing well anyways.
I'm waiting to see the next time a DB actually looks back for the ball. I'm sure knowing where it is would be a big help. Oh maybe in next years batch of 3 or 4 new ones we'll find one courageous enough to take a peak.
As far as Popp goes, as a GM his record of late has been pretty sad. He keeps players on the roster for season after season and never gives them a chance. And if they get it and fail he sometimes keeps them anyways. Dorvelus has been listed as a LB for a think 4 years now. At the beginning of the year he was listed and played db. Now he's listed at LB. But he never really gets to play other than we bring in 18 undersize guys on 2nd down. Play him or get rid of him. At the sametime consider how undersize LB's together with an oversize too slow MLB can stop the run. Especially when used with 2 undersized DE.
There is not much about this team personnel that makes much sende. As much sense as dropping off 9 guys every time a passing down comes up. I'm sure the opponents are just shocked at continually changing play selection.
Tell the truth, I had some empty seats around me today and if I had a pillow I would have enjoyed a nice sleep.'By the way crown was announced at the usual sell out figures- but I never saw so many empty seats. I know I couldn't get any of my buddies to go with my second seat. That is why i will pass on the possible playoff game. Probably be snore worthy anyway

I noticed the empty seats as well. Considering it is a holiday monday...that was really shocking. I can't see a big crowd at the BigO for the Als this year. 32000? maybe 35000 if their luky.

I am very concerned about the way the Als played in the second half (again) but I don't feel that anything should be taken away from this game because it was Hamilton. After all, this is the same Hamilton team that came within a hair of beating Winnipeg last week.

To be honest, none of the teams in the East look very solid right now. Unless one of these teams starts showing me something soon, I believe that the West will feast on the East come the Grey Cup.

Toronto looks very, very solid to me. 8-1 record with Bishop. Big, big team. QB,RB, big receivers. They match up very well against the smaller Als defense.

Stingy defense.

Right now Toronto is on par with BC. Both those teams are heads above all others.

True but Bishop seems very lack luster to me lately. It seems that the specialty teams and the D have been winning the games. But that IS definitely one hell of a D, I give you that. Not sure that would put the team in the same league as BC though.

Toronto is playing much better of late, but they are by no means even close to playing like B.C. Be honest, without special teams and a great defence, the Argos would probably be still competing with Hamilton for last place in the East.

I would agree with cfl123 on that one.

Yes, agreed. Bishop has looked pretty shaky in the past few weeks. That being said, in a battle of defense and special teams, the Argos are going to beat us almost every time.

Bishop can get away with a lower completion percentage and the odd interception because he's can sling it 60 yards on a rope. He's got such big play ability and with that monster group of receiver. Bishop can put 12 points on the board in five plays...

Their special teams gives them a TD a game, their defense gives them a TD a game.

This team can score at any time during 60 minutes no matter where they are on the field. Dorsey has a 264 yard game!

As far as their offense its not the same offense that started the season. They've added Edwards,Boerighter,Cetoute and I don't want to think of a backfield with Davis and Edwards something they can do with Cetoute and Talbot at receiver positions.

In the post season I'll take a great defense and Special teams over a passing offense any day.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't agree that all Eastern teams are blowing right now. Toronto is looking damn good to me.

We are 2-0 so far against them this year

And the Argos did not have Bishop at the controls for either game. Fact is, Calvillo has never had success against this Argo D, which is one of the best in the league. Our defense, on the other hand, is still very much a work in progress, with a very young secondary and a pass rush that hasn’t been threatening all year. Bishop for those two games. Regardless, I am not saying the Argos are a poor team, I am just saying that I am not blown away by any teams in the East. Do I believe that Toronto has the ability to beat the Als in the semis and then Winnipeg in the finals? You bet. However, I feel that these teams are close enough to each other right now that even Montreal could surprise (yes...a very big could). This is the CFL and stranger things have happened but it looks like to me that the winner in the East will basically be feed for BC or possibly the Riders in the West.

Now, getting back to Als, discipline hit the nail right on the head when he called this D a work in progress. Guys who are heroes one week are goats the next. However, I did notice a much more effective blitz with Ferri in the game. His intensity is incredible. Of course, it does get him in a whole lot of penalty trouble but I noticed very few opposition crossing plays in the middle when he is on the field.

Montreal has experience on its side in key positions with the exception of the linebacker position...(strickland).

Winnipeg had great balance and coaching.

Toronto has the most talent and the prize is in their home town.