Game 6: TOR @ HAM, July 21, 2023

He might as well be . He has thrown a grand total of 8 times with 5 completions in his career with no TD passes thrown . Not to mention that this upcoming game will only be his 3rd game in a Cats uniform.

Crum beat Winnipeg.

Cats by 22.

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No experienced QB: Toronto 31 Hamilton 3

I think he’s really hurt hence the 6 game IL. That’s my guess but I could be wrong.

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Recommended viewing, 5 mins. long.
Get to know your starting QB:


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Seems like a personable fellow. I liked his line about ‘we’re playing a game for a living’.


So, with the Day One Injury Report, the word is out – Shiltz has a hip injury.
The report also shows that Vosean Joseph has joined the other four (Wynn, Thomas Erlington, Fontana & Wilcots), noted earlier, as full participants in practice, today, with this Argo game set to be their 6th game on the 6-game injured list. The only listed new injuries, other than Shiltz’s hip, are an ankle issue with Tyler Ternowski and a knee problem with Jarrod Hewitt, keeping them both out of practice, Monday.

I note that Tunde Adeleke, is shown as a full participant in practice, after being out 2 games on the 6-game injured list. I may be wrong, but it’s my belief that players on that list are not permitted to practise with the team until they’ve been either activated or have been on the list for, at least 5 games.

Thank God we now know it’s his hip.


Like Shakira, his hips don’t lie!


Yes but we don’t know which one .


Oh yes, that too! And don’t forget the specific location.


Knowing Stein it’s probably his calf.

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Matt’s a dairy farmer? I did not know that! :grinning:

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I Love it! He genuinely seems suprised he’s being asked if he’s ready. He’s like “This is week 8 for me”, as in of course he’s ready.
I have a good feeling about this kid.
2035 Wall of Honour Inductee.


I liked what he said and how he handle this interview, especially with the same questions these un original hack reporters seem to ask over and over. I hope he gives us something to celebrate come Friday evening.


Powell moves pretty well in the pocket from
what I saw in preseason, but I don’t think
he’s much of a runner. He throws a decent ball with some accuracy though which puts him ahead of guys like Watford, Cornelius etc. From what I saw of Locksley last year he was cut more in the Watford mold so they may put him in occasionally to keep Argos off balance.
Powell is definitely getting thrown into the fire against the Argo D. They are going to blitz heavily.


2022 Eastern Michigan stats show completion rate of 64%.
Rushing 44 carries for minus 98 yards if I read that correctly.
So maybe leave the running to Butler. Remember the last time Matt ran the ball?

In games like this the defence knows going in that it’s going to have to win the game, sometimes this puts a sense of urgency on things (See the Watford chronicles).

Cats can win this game because:

  • Strange things happen when you lose your starter and you have talent around your QB
  • Toronto is due for a stinker

Dont think they actually will, but stranger things have happened (as recently as last week)