Game 6: TOR @ HAM, July 21, 2023

Report from practice:




Confirmation of the above


Regrading Dylan Wynn, I think a player can start practicing with the team again a week before they are taken off the 6 game as in after “Game 5”. I don’t think he will play until our July 28th game. Our D-line has been good, so it would seem silly to play him for game 6 and waste all the cap savings they might have incurred.


If BO is expected to be out the full 6 games I would bring back Wynn ASAP



2 rookie QBs against a 4-0 Argos .

What’s the chance of us beating them?

Sure would like to see the line on Vegas.

More guys set to come off the 6-game, which means they could play next week but not this week.


" 0"

Depending on what EDM does with Cornelius, there could be four QBs starting this week with less experience than Chad “Six-Starts” Kelly.


Condell to dust off the old David Watford game plan…and it might just work.
Maybe add a TE to the formation (If we had one)


Where is Watford, anyway?

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HA, you might be on to something…maybe that is the mystery 3rd guy that will dress

Re: The Rick Zamperin tweet, posted by ExPat

On a positive note, DL Dylan Wynn & Cedric Wilcots, OL Alex Fontana and RB Sean Thomas Erlington participated in practice today… but Coach O said he “wouldn’t anticipate any of them playing this week.”

A reason for the coach’s comment is that the Toronto game will complete 6 games on that injured list, for all 4 of them. If any of them dressed this week, the club would lose the salary cap savings, on the games the player has missed.

If our Defense plays “lights out”, we win, regardless of our QB
Powell has looked good and so has our running game, but it will be Defense and special teams that will win this one.
I’m not calling for a victory, I’d still bet on the Argos, but I’m just saying.


I hear you .

But please remind me the last time our defense played ‘lights out’ under Washington.

If you can find the date, I am curious.

Because, I certainly don’t remember.

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And why exactly did we not resign him?

Oh yeah - same reason we didn’t re-sign David Ungerer III.

I doubt Powell will match Watford’s surprise win.

Watford could run, and that kept the defense guessing.
Not sure about Powell, but then you never know.

6-gamed, but no explanation.

First 3 quarters of Winnipeg game last September at home. First 3 quarters of the Edmonton game last week. Most of the Ottawa game last week.

I’m just saying, we need sacks and turnovers.
In reality, Argos win on Friday.

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Locksley isn’t a rookie