Game 6 predictions

I have the Riders winning this one, but a close game, riders less than 10 points!! :rockin:

Riders are at home for this one. :wink:

Calgary headland just had a top 10 things stamp fans hate when Riders and their fans take over their stadium. I'll add number 11... they hate losing to the Riders in Cowtown!!

Rider win by 14 points

42-20 Riders

I have a feeling that Kevin Glenn will find a rhythm early against our D that being said, I think our D will adjust at the half and I believe the Stamps will either not use Cornish often like in week 2 or we will straight up hold him to 60-70 yards. O does their thing puts up a few in the first half and scores a few quick ones in the second. I'm thinking the score will be 31-20 Riders. I will unfortunately be pvring this game and watching it tomorrow night. It will be very hard to stay away from the score :frowning: