Game 6...@ Calgary

Heck of a game by the Stamps…they came out with a plan and executed beyond their expectations.

The Riders, week 1 aside, have not shown up for a 1st quarter this season. It is something all know, but they have gotten away with it thus far. I know they get stronger as the game progresses, but they need to nip that, because a good team will win from 1 superior quarter. This has been the elephant in the room nobody wanted to talk about because they were winning.

The Stamps mixed that wildcat in beautifully…exactly what I was saying the Rider should do to Hughes…attack the edge, keep him on his heals. The interior was dominated because of this all night. The DEs had to lay up and so there OTs and C had a superior inside game for the Stamps. So the middle then had truck sized holes in it, and I have no idea where Rey Williams was, but the one thing with this rotating Butler and Brack on the fly does is make massive voids if the RB gets passed Williams. This was most of the Stampeders game plan, and they executed beautifully. The Stamps also figured out to do hitch passes in Butler’s face, because the more nimble guys…he ain’t tackling. How do we know these were indeed issue??? A DB was the leading tackler.

Offensively, 1st quarter aside they played great. I was just stunned that they came out running though. The Stamps chirped all week how they were going to stuff the running game, so you elect to run right up the gut in a stacked box…great way to build the opposition’s confidence. It is the first time I have really questioned Cortez this season. They should have been passing quick hitters to start this game…get the DEs out of the “Ima gunna stop Sheets? mode, and into pass rush mode, THEN run…you know…what they finally did late in the second quarter! It took the Riders 20+ minutes to figures this out!

This game could have been a lot different…t/o on first drive, fielding the one return, kicking PAT range FGs (DD missed a sure thing when he went for Smith from the 5). The one thing that was clear to me, the team got lax over the break on discipline! The penalties in the 1st half were just nuts for the least penalized club. This team’s MO is don’t make the stupid mistakes and all will level out…they failed. The Chick roughing was a weak call, but that is going to happen. Retaliation late on Cornish…well, Cornish is like a 9 year old (seriously, he is…it is really pathetic), but Chick knows this…retaliation will get you penalized every time.

All of that said, I know this team can bounce back. These are 2 great teams going head to head. Even the Stamps had to be stunned for a bit in the 3rd there when the Riders came marching back!

OH...and Clark, when out there, often looked lost. Perhaps he is not getting enough practice reps, because he is better than he played...which was pretty bad.