Game 6...@ Calgary

Going into this game the I think that the biggest concern is the Rider's secondary. Their style of ball equates to getting to the QB fast, if not, they are at risk of a big play deep. Russ has been hit and miss, so he either needs to step up or hope someone gets healthy in the next few days. It seems like Miller get burned once to twice early every game, but is then good. His makeup speed is amazing. I am assuming Hughes will be back, and it is of course important to get him on his heels....I said it last time, I will say it again, run directly at him a few times to keep him guessing. That sets up PA to get him biting on the run and not having to double up on him.

Chamblin said this team was built to beat the Stamps. Here is the test...the Stamps, relatively healthy, in their house.

Concerns offensively are rather minimal. My biggest hope is that McHenry's role can be filled by another, because his subtle roll outs play havoc on the opponents...just one more thing for them to contend with, and the one guy they will loosen coverage on. I do wonder if they have ever pondered rolling Sisco into the spot on occasion.

I agree about the secondary with West and Price being such speedsters. The biggest thing that builds my confidence is the ability this team has to adjust especially at the half. Week 2's first and second halves were like two different games. I'm confident that if we are beat deep a few times we'll find a way to adjust to it, and throw Tate off.

Also on McHenry, I would like to see Spencer Moore get a shot, he's got great hands and may even be a better blocker than McHenry

I think Sisco is too small to block effectively. McHenry has done a good job overall. Hope he is healthy, he was knicked up I think.

He is 9 gamed

Chamblin said Hughes is close. He most likely won't play this week, but right now the only big concern on him is his conditioning coming off the injured list for a long period of time

Big game for sure. If they win, it goes along way to securing a home playoff game come November. They would be two and a half up on Calgary for first place.

Def! biggest game so far. I still feel with Tate playing, if we can hold Cornish to under 100 yard (remember week 2 they barely used him) and get pressure on Tate the way we have been we win. I think this is finally the year where you can depend on the O to do their thing.

I’d say a must win. These type of games have hurt us in the past during playoffs. Home field is a huge advantage.

I’m more worried about Calgary then BC right now in the west. Take care of the stamps first.

Couldn't agree more! This is the year we almost NEED 1st place

When was the last time a season series was one over Calgary? I say develop Saunders for a pass game against Calgary. Just one more thing to free up Sheets. Geroy goes deep? Surprise Calgary by going at Geroy early and often setting up Bagg or Dressler.

I don't think there is a big desire to make Sanders a large part of the O. They did that last season and it almost killed them when he went down. Instead, it looks like they mainly plan to use him as redundancy for Sheets.

You are right. We can't lose Saunders, but I still think we could lose him just as easily on Special teams. Give him a token pass or two to keep them looking and respecting the rest of our offense.

Hughes on 9 game. He'll probably b off till then. Moore will fill in admirably

Read an article today ( ... story.html) that says he might be playing on Friday

Hughes returned to practice this week and will likely be on the active roster when the Riders play the Calgary Stampeders at McMahon Stadium on Friday. Hughes, who re-signed with the Riders during the off-season, never doubted that he would be on the active roster again this season.

Thank ya Soup! Guys can come off the 9 game before 9 games.

I've noticed that there hasn't been a lot of talk around our team the last week/week and a half which is GREAT! Keep it quiet stay focused.

Cjme said Hughes would likely be playing and Tate was out with forearm .

Sure…you can bring anyone off of the 9 game any time you want, but only a couple don’t effect your cap, after that all games that they sat on the 9g their wages go against cap. This is that logic that say Simon’s 4 games could have saved the club 40K had he been on the 9g and “removed early?

Not sure if that is correct, it very well could be, but the way I have always interpreted that rule is you are allowed to bring 2 players off the 9 game early, one in the first half, one in the second half of the season. Once you remove that player, there whole salary counts against the cap, just like being placed on the 1 game injured list. Not sure if that is correct or not, just what I always thought, and too lazy to look it up.

I hate to say it, and I might get some nasty replies for it… but I’d love to see the Riders start throwing some games… the whole east sucks! Let’s go for the east and clean up through eastern playoffs and then beat Calgary at home for Grey Cup… now THAT would be a game to remember!

But only as long as Edmonton can pull up their socks to be better than Winnipeg