Game 6 : Als at Redblacks 07/21/22

Adarius Pickett should be back in the starting lineup.
Chris Ackie still out.
Tyrell Richards moving to the outside.

Redblacks have Caleb Evans and Nick Arbuckle splitting 1st team reps. I am guessing Evans starts because they have a short week.

I wonder if Almondo Sewell will play.

Which player will come out with return of Pickett? Sewell injured or Beverette?

Will they dress 2 N DL if Sewell out?

I wrote it before, but Tyrell Richards has not performed as expected.


Chris Ackie is listed as questionable for Thursday.
Almondo Sewell full participation today.

Antonio Simmons from Active to the Practice Roster.
Tavien Feaster from Practice Roster to Injured List
Redblacks QB Nick Arbuckle to the Active Roster

Correction. Nick Arbuckle from Injured to Active to Injured. Huh???

Als say they want to use Tyrell Richards in a rotation at outside linebacker and on the defensive line. They also say they want to play more zone (typical Noel Thorpe bend but don't break defense). To me, that sounds like Richards will play on passing downs when the team is using 3 down lineman.

Probably misdirection with the talk about Tyrell Richards being a rotational guy. He starts at will.
Micah Awe starts at mike.
Jeshrun Antwi starts at running back.
Despite the penalties last week, Wes Sutton remains the starter at boundary halfback.

DB Adarius Pickett from 1-game Injured List
DL Brock Gowanlock from 1-game Injured List

DL Vincent Desjardins to Practice Roster
DL Antonio Simmons to Practice Roster

With Richards & Harelimana at Will, does that make a higher priced Chris Ackie potential trade bait or even casualty?

Chris Ackie is now on the 6 game injury list; so far, excl. this week, he has missed 3 games; if he's out for the next 6 games it will be 9.

If Richards does well at Will, most probably the end of Ackie in Montréal.


So they fired Miles for being too passive on defense but bring in a guy who wants to make them play zone and keep plays in front of them at all times. Sigh.

This was never about Miles but about getting Thorpe over to Montreal. a HOF Alouette at that, imagine how the whole thing looks to players, agents and potential coaches.

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I agree. I absolutely hate Thorpe's "bend but don't break" defence. It should be called bend, bend over and break, because it does! :roll_eyes:

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I can only hope that Thorpe gets results quickly, but it really seems like a self-inflicted wound to change DC, HC, and OC in the middle of a season and still think you can be competitive. Khari, unfortunately, put himself in a position to be fired. If they had just canned him, I think we'd have won the EDM game. But now we have a new guy trying to install a different defense in the middle of the season and we're somehow still expecting to win games, with Trevor Harris running a pop-gun offensive playbook? Good luck with that.

Well, I don't necessarily hate that Stubler-type match defense. It's more the hypocrisy and pointlessness of firing Miles for not being aggressive enough but bringing a guy who wants to run a zone cover 3 D. I thought Thorpe was going to play more of a blitz-oriented defense, in the style of Chris Jones and Don Matthews, both of whom he worked with in Montreal in the aughts. But now that we know that's not the case, firing Miles and releasing Watson feel like huge gaffes.

In theory, a zone D should be a good match for the kind of steady ball control game we want to run offensively (on paper, at least). It's just, you can't install a new system in the middle of the season! You don't have weeks of training camp and two preseason games to get everything ironed out. At most, you can introduce 1-2 new concepts per week. Anything more and you won't have time to study game film and prepare for your specific opponent.

Harris should be on a short leash...a very short leash. Dline has to show more..very vanilla up to now.

According to Herb Zurkowsky, the Als do not plan to use Vernon Adams in any sort of special package. He also hints that the team does not appear to have much faith in Adams. Personally, I do not expect to see Adams unless Trevor Harris is injured.

Marshall Ferguson is calling the game. Based on him growing up in the area and after looking and the forecast, he is expecting a weather delay of some sort.

Ferguson asked Danny Maciocia what is was like being back on the sidelines. Maciocia essentially replied that he didn't know what to do down there because he is used to being a coordinator as those duties were being performed by other coaches.

Maciocia blamed the penalties last week on poor technique and alignment issues which can be fixed. Ferguson notes that teams always have a plan, and it is to be determined whether or not the plan works.

The QB with the best winning percentage since Calvillo and the coaches have lost faith in him because after nine months of rust, he turned the ball over a few times in limited preseason action. Yet his replacement is turning the ball over multiple times each week and failing to produce wins. Unbelievable. :-1:t3:

We may as well trade Adams now so we can get some return and start giving Davis Alexander reps if Maciocia and co. have so little faith in Vernon.


Gary Stern: I just heard milt stegall guarantee an ottawa victory this week against us. What is it that you have against the Montreal alouettes. That’s like challenging me to a race and guaranteeing victory.

Follower: Post it on your bulletin board muh man.

Gary Stern: Not sure our team cares. Milt who ??


Trade Adams now? I doubt that any team is interested.