Game 5 thoughts

I predict a score of 39-10 tonight for the Roughies. I notice Sisco is on the card tonight and would not be surprised if he becomes a big part of Cortez's game plan.

I think it'll be a closer game this week. Hamilton's offense will be able to score and their defense will make some adjustments to slow down the Rider attack.

Saskatchewan 36, Hamilton 1. :wink:

Seriously, I think the Riders should win this one by 10 or so. I just can't see Hamilton's front handling the ground attack unless they commit 7 or 8 guys to it, and if they do that, they'll get killed in the air no matter who plays QB for Sask (and I'm quite certain Durant will play).

Riders will win, but not like last week, cats will be hunger but we will prevail again. score will depend who QB is! Durant will rack up points, Willy not near as many! Riders by more than 10

That was a damn good production, even if it was half in jest

I don't recall who it was that they were talking to from the Cats, but I believe it was at half-time...they basically said the same thing...'yes, we want to shut down Sheets, but we can't put those threats in one on ones against the secondary....You put 7-8 in the box...who do you double...Dressler (the heart of receiving for the Riders), Simon (all-time leading receiver), Smith (who is turning into a deep threat), Getz (who eats up man is his bread and butter)...tough spot for a D.'

The scary thing is that the Riders run effectively in long yardage situations...the same plays that are conventionally viewed as passing downs.

Does anyone know if John Chick was injured during the game? And if so how bad is it?

I believe it was normal rotation, not injury.

Good news.

Def good news, but what does it say about the job Taman has done with depth when the guy behind Chick comes in and records two sack and a FF?? WOW!