Game 5 : Elks at Als 07/14/22

-Trevor Harris remains as the starting QB,
-Vernon Adams is still 2nd sting and might be the new holder.
-Walter Fletcher starts at RB.
-Anthony Calvillo will call the plays on offense.

-Taylor Cornelius dresses for the 1st time in 2022 and will start at QB for Edmonton.

Les Elks ont tellement de problèmes ces temps-ci que je pense qu'on peut gagner même avec Trevor Harris et avec Calvillo comme coordonnateur officieux lol.


Calvillo is calling plays now? OK then LMAO. Better him than Lionello I would say, based only on experience. Still wondering why Bolduc or Maciocia isn't calling the plays. Looking forward to seeing what Fletcher can do at RB. He's had some nice runs already. Hopefully he can gain some yards and avoid fumbling the ball.

Tyrell Richards must have been getting reps at middle linebacker today because Herb Zurkowsky asked if he is now the starter. Danny Maciocia answered that they are still making an evaulation on who plays there as Micah Awe is also a possibility.

Ackie still not practicing, Pickett limited, Ellis limited. Really hope we can get at least Pickett and Ellis back for Thursday.

Per Maciocia in today's presser, Fletcher getting the start at RB has nothing to do with Antwi's injury. So they are obviously not satisfied there.

Neither Thorpe nor Maciocia wanted to tip their hand on specific changes (man vs. zone, packages for Adams, etc.).

I really wish someone had asked Danny why he went from Lionello calling plays to AC calling plays within the span of two days.

Did they say anything about MLB?

Tyrell Richards is in the mix but Danny said he'll go with the defensive coach recommendations (Richards or Awe?). Sounds like they haven't decided yet.

Didier asked Maciocia about a missing player (I couldn't make out the name) & Maciocia said his wife was giving birth and that he'd be back next Friday.

I will guess that it is Dominique Davis, as in one of the RDS videos you only saw Harris, Adams, Alexander working at QB. Likely why Alexander was elevated from the practice roster.

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Thanks for that, sheldon. I watched that clip four times trying to catch the name of the player but couldn't. (I must say the audio on these pressers is terrible. Tons of background noise and other conversations, as well as the wind whistling against the banner behind whoever's being interviewed.)


Joey Alfieri posted a wide shot from practice today that showed someone in a red jersey wearing #4 (Dominique Davis).

Didn't we sign a punter recently? Maybe Zema is the player who needs to be home with his family?

Joe Zema posted 3 months ago that his baby is due in November.

This past week, Reggie White had a gender reveal party and found out he is going to be a father to a boy.

Chris Jones said all season long, their defense has given up big plays and has been unable to stop the run. Somebody then asked him how then will Edmonton handle Vernon Adams. Jones replied that he does not expect Adams to play against them.

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It could be Zema then. John Lu said that Adams was holding for Côté. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Assuming Tre Watson will be in the lineup.

Again, Chris Ackie did not practice today meaning that he will, most probably, out of Thursday's game against the Elks. Adarius Pickett and Avery Ellis were limited; they will most probably play.


Chris Ackie is out for Thursday's game. Adarius Pickett and Avery Ellis are questionnable.


Richard, any idea whether Awe or Richards will start at MLB?

Good afternoon, MadJack.

I have no idea who will start at MLB, but it won't surprised me if Tyrell Richard starts, since Micah Awe has been with the Alouettes for only 3 practices.

With Danny saying that he thought that Tyrell was ready after training camp, then why not start him after 4 games.