Game 4 Stamps

aka Death Valley for the Bombers, here's hoping for a win.

We always seem to come up empty in Cal...... BUT maybe ...just maybe they're suffering a lot on the o line and we can put some pressure on Mitchell....otherwise another trek across the 'valley' that will end up with us still looking for water and the promised land...I think we have to pray a lot in this one :lol:

First & foremost I'd like to see the D hold a team to under 400 yards.
With the Oline injuries to the Stamps this could be the game to get some pressure on the QB and limit their drives. Too bad Turner is out.
Looking forward to seeing how Stoudermire does.

Well after the dropped ball in the first half, and the bonehead return in the last 30 seconds, Stoudermire was basically the reason we lost this game.
And Bucknor sucks.

No hurry up offense in the last 2 minutes.....wth?

We threw this game away. We made Calgary look like the champs they are. Number 1 in my mind was the massive turnover of the ball and the momentum that Stoudermire caused with his stupid return. The whole game changed for the worse after that bone head momentum changer fumble. Calgary woke up. You could see and feel it. Stoudermire tried it again later and again it didn't work. Ironically he also gave Cal. a single when he didn't come out of the end zone. I would be having a long talk with that boy....... I have also heard rumblings that Lirim is not a good kicker. Blame is being placed on him. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the point after kicks from the 32, kicked from the centre of the hash marks ? After years of training kicking from the hash marks, now he has to kick from straight on the uprights. The Bombers were even trying to fudge the kick point a little to the left on one boot. I think Lirim just needs some time to learn this new skill. Why don't we ever go for the 2 points?...... On the positive, it was entertaining and we only lost by one point to the GC champs. Things are looking better, just some dumb coaching and player decisions to correct. We did have a pass rush !

Winners win....losers lose...after 20 some years of losing I think it has grown into a culture...The game was thrown away by 1. poor coaching,especially special teams 2. Lirim seemingly losing it 3. A bone head play by a returner who should have been coached up better in that circumstance.....otherwise...same ol same ol... :thdn:

I may as well stick in my 2 cents.The loss is basically on special teams.Stoudamire with 2 really poor decisions blew the win.LH is befuddled kicking from the center hashmarks. He needs to figure it out.His last kick? Nobody makes it from that range 100% especially when the holder doesn't get the laces turned out.I thought the O and D were fine ignoring the loss of down penalty. They missed a real good opportunity to stand alone in 1st. It seemed MOS was more visibly POed than he has previously. Ithink that's a good thing.Dissapointing but upward and onward.

I was hopeful we'd build on last years win in Calgary, came close but we hurt ourselves. Offense and defense each had times where they were effective and times when they couldn't get it down, but were capable enough for a win. Was still sickening to see Cornish get going in the second half and see our guys pile out and still have trouble bringing him down.

Special teams was the big downfall though. Blocked punt, 2 missed filed goals, another missed PAT, and bad returns. I'm a Stoudemire fan but his play was really disappointing. I think he was excited to get back into the lineup and was trying to force things to happen rather than playing within the team. The fumble was unfortunate, they happen, bad timing and it just compounded the other special teams mistakes. The biggest issue for me was running backwards on the returns. That's inexcusable. He did it once, got a talking to from O'Shea, and then he does it a second time and at such a crucial time in the game with about half a minute left is inexcusable. That's one guy trying to be the hero rather than making the right play and try set his team up with good field position which is what he was being asked to do. He's not solely responsible for the loss but his play was a big part of it. Curious to see if O'Shea gives him another shot or if he's mysteriously back on the injured list and we see Veltung again in Edmonton. As for Hajrullahu, we might be better off going for 2pt conversions until he gets his leg figured out.

Nice to see Adams with a big game. Kohlert was pretty much ignored, as was Feoli-Gudino. Addison Richards had a nice catch and run for a first down, taking out a Calgary DB in the process. More please.

Also, I thought it was interesting to see Brohm out there on the short yardage plunges. Wasn't it Marve that did those up until now? I don't recall him having any problems with that either so I'm curious as to why the switch. Did Marve move up the depth chart?