Game 4: Als and Riders 07/02/22

That's what happens with Unions, you send a guy who doesn't even follow the sport because seniority says that's who you are sending.

Uh, what? Unions have nothing to do with this.

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Oh no Al Bradbury!

3pts..ok at least we kept the Riders D on the field for 7mins.

Same inability to finish in the red zone, sigh. They have to work on this during the bye week.

The offside didn't help their cause.

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Worthy did it again! Wow! Quel bloc de Philpot!


(We're not) Worthy!!

Most impressive part of the kick return was Tyson Philpot not drawing a penalty that would have negated the touchdown.


I wonder if they might consider trying Vernon Adams or Dominique Davis when they get into the red zone, for a change of pace and to give SSK an extra threat (a QB who can run). Before you tell me I'm crazy, we used to use Adrian McPherson in a similar capacity during the later Calvillo years and it worked pretty well.

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On the off chance anyone is not familiar

Its an interesting idea ... could be done with a particular set of plays prepared for the "red-zone" QB, ideally some with multiple legit options within them ... maybe some with 2 QBs on the field, so it need not be as obvious as Harris leaving.


Still a fine play by Jones ... despite the ball hitting the ground

The offense has posted 3 points. This is not acceptable production.

I am tired of Khari Jones's offense. Just tired of it. This is his fourth year as our OC and this is what we're getting.

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Another great return from Worthy....and someone please tell me why the Anchors cut this guy loose again ? what were they thinking ? He has been a terrific pick-up for your team .


Nothing in the playbook does anything to help receivers get open. Every pass play is just, chuck the ball up and hope Eugene Lewis or another receiver can put on his Superman cape one more time to make a catch. It is frustrating to watch, given the talent level on offense. Stanback's absence is no excuse. If you need an elite running back just to keep your offense productive, you need to draw up better plays and call a better game. That's true for both Jones and Bolduc, whose run playbook is being exposed by Stanback's injury.

The lone offensive touchdown we scored last week came because the rookie (I think) DB didn't get a bump on Julien-Grant at the line, and because Harris threw a perfect pass that let JG make the catch without having to break stride. That is not any credit to the offensive coordinator, just two players making a play. A good offensive coordinator does not need to rely on players being perfect every play. His schemes elevate everyone by allowing the offense to be effective even when things aren't perfect.


Poor decision on long punt by Sask'n with 3 min. left in half. Worthy tries to run it out of the endzone instead of conceding a single and letting his team take the ball on its own 40. Now, due to penalty the Als scrimmage at their own 3. Really bad decision - why Rider fans are tickled pink about . . .

I will also say that our offense scored the most points in a game when Adams was at the helm in the Calgary loss (27 points). Since then, the offense has accounted for:

16 in the Toronto loss
23 in the win against SSK last week
6 currently in over a half of football