Game 4: Als and Riders 07/02/22

Day 1 Practice
Chris Ackie - absent
Adarius Pickett - mostly on stationary bike.

They really seem to be bringing Tyrell Richards along slowly.

Faut dire que Tre Watson joue vraiment bien comme MLB et Harelimana a très bien fait comme WLB au dernier match.


Je suis d'accord au sujet de tout les deux.

I see the Alouettes are as much as 6.5 point underdogs. 5.5 on Proline right now.

Maybe there are some that did not see the last game. Looks like more of the same to me.

TRES agréablement surpris du jeu de Harelimana


What worries me about this game is that the Als are going into a bye week after this game and history tells us that they usually don't do very you have a pissed off Riders team...fingers crossed for this one!

I don't expect the Als to win this game. It's on the road, against a good team that is thoroughly motivated to avenge the ass-kicking they received last week, we're missing our starting center and two of our starting linebackers, and we still don't really have a ground game. It will probably be a close loss. Hope I'm wrong!

If they play hard and the game is close, it's a much better 1-3 than if they get blown out. If the latter happens I think Khari's job is in jeopardy. Though someone else might be made the scapegoat to shake things up (remember Howard's firing last year around the same time, which seemed to wake Miles up?).

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Really good piece on Week 3 QB ball distribution throughout the league. Ferguson: Top of the charts, a look at Week 3 QBs -

I knew Harris likes to work the flats and the sidelines, but man, it really shows in his graphic. I feel like we should at least try to target the intermediate and deep middle of the field once or twice against SSK this week.

Pickett was somewhat of a liability last year with all his no yards penalties & return fumbles. But so far this season he has played really well at SAM.

Hopefully he will be good to go Saturday.


Rider fans skewing betting line

Alford, Ackie, Pickett, Gowenlock, Sewell (not injury related) are out. Simmons is questionable. A little thin on the d-line.

And if I'm reading the injury report correctly Schleuger is back in.

Chris Schleuger is listed on the injury report because he was on the 1-game. Team put him there as essentially, he was demoted not hurt.

Mario Alford - OUT
Chris Ackie - OUT
Sean Jamieson - OUT
Brock Gowenlock - OUT
Adarius Pickett - OUT
Antonio Simmons - Questionable
Almondo Sewell - OUT

Sean Jamieson, Brock Gowenlock, Adarius Pickett and Almondo Sewell are all new injuries.

I expect that Samuel Thomassin will replace Jamieson, Vincent Desjardins will replace Gowenlock, Herb Waters could replace Pickett and Antonio Simmons could replace Sewell, although he is listed as questionable.

We may have an idea with today's CFL transactions or have to wait until release of depth chart tomorrow.


I am not saying that it will happen, but the Als have the ratio flexibility to add Schleuger to the active roster should Simmons be out, although not same position.


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Our sick bay is overflowing. :frowning:

Per Herb, Selwell is questionable because he's home with his newborn child, not injury.

DB Zach Lindley from Practice Roster
DL Antonio Simmons from Practice Roster
DL Vincent Desjardins from Practice Roster
OL Chris Schleuger from 1-game Injured List
QB Vernon Adams from 1-game Injured List
WR Jake Wieneke from 1-game Injured List

DB Adarius Pickett to 1-game Injured List
DL Brock Gowenlock to 6-game Injured List
DL Almondo Sewell to 1-game Injured List
OL Sean Jamieson to 6-game Injured List
QB Davis Alexander to Practice Roster
WR Dante Absher to 1-game Injured List

Am I crazy or are we starting 9 Canadians against SSK this week?

4 OL (Gagnon, Brown, Matte, Rice)
1 WR (Julien-Grant)
1 WR/FB (Mayala / Normand)
1 RB (Antwi)
1 WLB (Harelimana)
1 FS (Dequoy)

If so, that gives us a lot of flexibility for situational play packages and swapping players in and out, on offense at least. They could use Fletcher, an American, as a change of pace instead of Antwi, or use both in a two-back set for "jet" plays (stretch the SSK defensive front, make them play sideline to sideline). And it obviously gives us some safety valves in case injury strikes.

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Congratulations to Mr. Selwell.


Team presser posted today (from yesterday) with Matte, Harris, and KJ. Decent overall, but man, those journalists are lazy. Asking the same basic generic questions to each person they interview.