Game 3...Vs BC Lions

Some before and after thought, chats, hopes and dreams.

this is obviously a big test. The good news is that 2 clubs have faced the Lions, and fared pretty well, or at least did some things well, so there will be some really good footage to watch.

On O the riders need to get their mojo going. The showing from against Edmonton will not get it done. It is supposed to be another hot day, so possession time will be huge, and BC knows how to chew up clock.

  • run the ball...I thought we would see more during the Esks game. Run the ball, get playaction going, and inside LBs holding up tighter to the line. This will free up the middle a bit.
  • a couple early rolls/bootlegs by DD will go a looooong way. keep the OLB honest and watching the edges, free up the short pass to Dressler like in week 1
  • Harper needs to be a factor IMO. he is a big target, and taking advantage of that will free up some double coverage options thus opening Getz up a bit more. The Esks focused on Dressler and Getz...somebody else needs to be a threat, and I see that in Harper more than I do in Hill. They worked on Harper a lot more against the Esks...finding his spot, working him into the O, more to come I am sure!
  • Mix it up from snaps...dual backs, I, whatever...keep BC off guard. Hellll...slap Willy and DD back there...dual QB...that would mess them up lol....imagine, snap to will, bootleg left, reverse it way over to a DD, then he launches it...hmmm....i like it!
  • again...ball control, something the Riders have been perfect at thus the turnover battle. Possession is key in a 1 PM game with 30C weather.
  • Returns...the Riders will need a couple good returns. We know that BC will likely have a couple. If this becomes a field position game like last week returns will be important, because BC will definitely move the ball better than the Esks. I don't believe this will be a field position game. I believe the endzone will be found by BC, and the Riders will need to respond. I would suspect the Riders had best be prepared to need to score over 30 points. The D has been very good, but they played a Hamilton club that was not playing their best ball, and a struggling Eskimo offense...yes, the D has looked good...but I would suspect this will be a greater testing.
  • pressure pressure pressure...the DL will need to get pressure. The LBs are probably going to have to drop back a little more often in this game, so the front line will need to excel. I hope they bring in the extra DLman for freshness again. It was a great strategy last game, and likely a large reason for the defensive success.
  • deep ball containment. The Riders did not give up the deep play against the Esks, though the throws were not on the monry. That being said, coverage was never blown...there was always a guy close to the receiver. The Lions have some bigtime deep threats, so this will be a huge test. Turenne is 6'1", Russ is 6'0" and Maze is 5'11"...both fairly large for DBs in the CFL. This taller than average secondary could make for some great coverage.
  • The Lions have a lot of weapons, so everyone will need to be on their game. Continue hot pursuit after the ball moves, teaming up and being on-top of the play. This hustle has been admirable this year, and I believe will continue.
  • At some point I believe the Lions will try a trick play on the Riders. My gut says the pre-season play will eat at them a bit (that it was penalized), and you know Paul is all over doing a trick play, especially in Saskatchewan.
  • Keep the penalties down. They need to start trimming those...this is week 3

If our defense is stellar we should win.

BC plays well in Regina and we play well in Vancouver. This a tough one to call. If our D continues to play like they have and our O can get half reasonable, we have a good chance to win at home. All,our guys have to play smart (positional) and as stated no or little penalties.

something else i noticed in the Esks game was that the Riders did not appear to have hot routes. I never really noticed a player cut inside because of a blitz. There was never a quick release on the blitz.

There were also only 5 passes inside
Hill - the only timing route inside...not a superb pass, no catch (was a little behind him at the shoulders...tough catch)
Baggs - Bad drop and he was kicking himself
Harper - drop
Dressler - dont recall, dont think it was a catch
Getz - caught

most receivers get nervous over the middle, but they need someone other than 89 to catch one there, and they need to pass there a little more. The ILB were getting to cozy on the line, and the OLBs were getting to familiar in the flats

The Riders have actually been pretty good for penalties for start of season...15 in 2 games I believe (5 and 10), but Harper had a penalty for holding inside the 10, away from the play, and the Riders settled for their 1st FG. Patrick got stupid in game 1 towards the end. The penalties have not been horrid, just bad ones at the wrong time.

this truly is going to be a tough game for us.

if our defense can get to Lulay and make him create his own mistakes then perhaps we can but at the same time our offense will have to have the same performance like it did against the Ti-Cats.

the Lions are good, it's going to be a good game I just don't know if we'll be on top at the final gun.

BC has a good team this year, but they are NOT perfect. They can be beat.

Riders O & D will have to play lights out, with no stupid penalties, and no turnovers.


  • Riders 29 BC 27
  • Sir Wally will be on the sidelines taunting the fans behind the visitors bench.

Note: please don't throw any half full Pilsner cans at him, it's a waste of good beer on a Schmuck.

What I really want to see:

  • the Riders running up the score in the 4th Q


This game will show us what we are really capable or not capable of. The D will really have to be on top of their game - BC has both a formidable passing and rushing game. If the D can keep them from getting a big early lead I think we will win but those early stops will be critical to taking control of the game. Looking forward to it. I know it's early in the season but being in first place would still feel pretty good.

This going to be a good game and I expect a close score; even though I picked B.C in Big Daves pool, that may change as I read more articles later in the week. One thing I noticed in the two games the Riders have played; their D gets stronger as the game goes on...there will be pressure on Lulay by the D-Line and credits to Hall I say as for how the secondary is concerned. Darian Durant will call his own number more so I think as the Lions will have their eye watch on Sheets which should open up play-action in the Riders favor.

Backer that Avatar looks good on you :slight_smile: Another convert :wink:

This game is probably at the best time it could happen. It will be a big test and we should come away with a great indication of areas we need to work on. We will have the rest of the season to improve and test our selfs against them. We meet them 4 times this season. A split or better would be great and set use up for the playoffs. :rockin:

Wind - there will be some wind, how strong it will be is up to mother nature. punting will be critical and we can count on McCallum being his usual steady self hammering the ball 42 yards perfectly better punter in the game right now. Milo needs to match him up.

ST - team coverage and limited yards are really important. Brown cannot be allowed any large returns because field position will be really important. They have to smother him.

DB's - looking forward to our new young DB's play this group of receivers. It will be a serious test and if this bunch of inexperienced DB's plays well we have huge upside as the season goes on. Maze, Russ and Woodny I hope they can stay with them step for step.

Run game - We have to shut Harris down. If not, we're hooped. Our run game has to keep on churning our 4-5 first down yards. I think we'll start to see Sheets as a receiver more and more. Hopefully this week so we spread the LB's around.

QB play and turnovers. Whoever has less turnovers wins.

Effrem Hill, I predict to be sat down this week. I saw two drops against the Esks? Given how coach has sat down Graham I would maybe expect that we hear about a new import resceiver taking reps (Taj Smith). Maybe Sisco gets a few more reps.

Yes agree Rob Bagg dropped one. I did not see harper drop one last week but somebody mentioned it on another thread? But Hill dropped 2 and this just cannot continue to kill drives.

Harper............big but not quick. I'm looking for him to get quicker and better as he learns the CFL game, otherwise he'll be replaced. He catches the ball nicely and can fall over for another 3-4 yards. Looking for him to be more and more involved and that will benefit all receivers.

My two keys are field position and turnovers.

Do the Italian Stallions (Buono and Carteri) have a Rumble in Riderville?

One other mention: Sam Hurl LB leads in the stats for Special Teams tackles with 6..good job by this young man; thus look for him to have a solid game. Could be the leagues next Iron man on ST....Bertrand FB of Edmonton was dominate over the years, now 35 years old Matty does great work in practice [teaching] with others behind him on the depth side of things.

Oh let's not talk about those evil Edmonton guys :wink:, this is the Rider forum where we get to cut down the other teams :lol:

They have to be high on Hill for some reason...he should not have won a spot out of camp...only last year's experience kept him around. In fairness 1 drop that I saw was slightly behind him, helmet height, and that is a damned tough catch...behind at chest or head...tough.
Rob dropped one, and seems to be over thinking the game at this point. We all know what he is capable of, but he is not there yet. He needs a couple big catches and his confidence will be back.
Harper IS fast...fastest player, no, but he ran as low as a 4.33 in the 40 at Virginia and averaged about 4.46...that is pretty quick.
Taj Smith, IMO, does not deserve to hand out water bottles for this club. His showing in the 2nd preseason game was he had better be doing something damned impressive on the PR to to earn a start over the other guys. He had 3 or 4 drops in that game, and entirely quit on a couple of plays including the final Rider TD. I would give Bamba a shot first...if nothing else it is potentially another Canadian.

With the way Chamblin has not been hesitant to can somebody, they must see something that we, the commoners, don't.

I agree. When (not if) he breaks out, he'll be as good as new.

Hill played good last year. Not sure why the change? If he gets back on track we are sitting good. I think Harper will continue to improve as well. Hill is confusing me.

In the first month, Saskatchewan may be the most underrated team in the CFL because of improvements after dismal 2011 season. So a Saskatchewan win is possible. If both teams play their best, BC should win. So far, BC still win games despite underachieving.

after the Bomber / Esks game I am really wondering where the Riders are at...guess we find out soon...
The Bombers kept the BC game interesting, but got crushed by the Esks, who the Riders just beat and only gave up 1 point...was the Rider D that good, or did E-T fire his club up with his comments, plus drooling for vengeance from their outing last week...

weird season in the early going

Carm has been upstaged by the Premier for the last minute in the first half.