Game 3 Score Prediction Thread

Let's go Hamilton tiger-cats

Hamilton 35 - Winnipeg 25. Tasker, Banks and Masoli with majors.

32-27 cats

(If only you had put Hamilton instead of Ticats...)

[upon opening the envelope] What will the temperature be on Labour Day?

Winnipeg 13
Hamilton 39

43-23 Ticats. And Manziel gets into the game mid 4th quarter.

34 -30 cats. (who will be down by 2 in the 4th with 48 seconds on the clock and will take possession after Speedy returns a punt from the 4 to the Bomber 52). Specific.

I'm thinking the results are going to be similar to last week. Breaux has now had an extra week of practice, so any real weakness I can see would be the backs on the other side of the field.

I want to see a lot of pressure on the QB tonight. Cause mistakes.

I think we win handily, but don't think it's going to be a route

Felines get a win but a tough win, Pegs team is solid.

Which TiCat scores the first of the many TD's we score tonight?:slight_smile:

I will take Tolliver

I will take the kicker - single point!

Joe Zuger is not kicking for us anymore. ;D

However he does have some history to tonights game

How about Landon Rice on a pass to the tight end

You were kind of close - 31-17 Ticats! ;D