Game 3 Als

Depth chart is out.

Couple of interesting moves - Thad Gibson and Derrell Johnson, both DL, come off and Kashawn Fraser and Deantre Harland come on. Gibson was moved to the 1 game. Even if one becomes a game day inactive, should be interesting to see if some new blood helps out the rush.

How do you guys feel about Hurl in the middle? Is he working out so far?

He's been about as good as anyone else on the D.

Damned with faint praise, indeed.

When Etch was replaced by Richie Hall, I had high hopes for the Bomber D this year.

It’s still early Fred and it seems we’re shuffling the deck to see what we really have on D…I’ll sure be glad when Stoudermire gets back on returns…He was throwing the ball around at practice from what I’ve read…Sure could use him…Bastien and Nuefeld on the I game ir and Kohlert and Richards slotted in…that I like… :thup: AND rumour was Marve was supposed to be no 2…what the hecks with that…I think O’Shea better take those bloody sunglasses off…

[i]Your Bombers did have the time to sing us a nice song for the game. Why practice when you can sing :smiley:

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Kohlert has really become MR Dependable, good to see him back

Always loved Kohlert. Rarey doesn't grab a through, regardless if it's high, low, or off the body.

I'm not sure why Denmark keeps disappearing in the offense. One big catch earlier, I think they threw to him once more in the first half, don't think Willy's looked his way since. Can't let your top pass catcher from last year disappear in the offense.

Tough fought win. Defense played well in some stretches, not so great in a few stretches, but overall a much better showing. Randle with I thought a really big game. Offense moved the ball well in spurts but we couldn't finish off the drives tonight making the game closer than it needed to be. Aside from some of the flagfest, enjoyable game IMO.

Agree, unless the Als D adjusted.

Nick Moore played his third great game in a row ! Randle played fabulous ! The Bombers blocked a punt for a TD, just like old times !!! Lirim punted huge ! We won the game !........ I hope that makes Skidsteer happy :lol:

All the above are true, but so is the reality of this game... If Cato doesn't struggle with his own ineptness, we could have been scored on numerous times.....WE HAVE ALMOST NO PASS RUSH.......I kept waiting for failure, only because I'm getting used to it over the years... I'll end on the positive. It's amazing what happens when you give the other team different looks. I think that's why Cato struggled. :thup: We intercepted the ball twice. :thup:

Good game by the D....but when you don't score an offensive td...oooops....Randle and Leggett are showing the D how it's done...Lot's of intensity and the pick six by Adams (up and comer) was a beauty...I don't know what the heck we have to do offensively to generate more scoring (or at least score)...That effort was pitiful last night, although we had some nice plays by Moore,Kohlert and Denmark...We have to get into the end zone or the wins will be scarce...Mont. has a very good D and to do as well as we did is an accomplishment BUT the offence has to be better....Red flag is going up for me on Hurl...very weak in the middle and if he wasn't an ni he'd be gone..We have to fix that spot... :roll:

Thanks for getting the thread going guys!

A wins a win right......

Hats off to your secondary for game-changing interceptions and to special teams for the blocked punt that proved to be the difference in the score. :thup:

Having said that, we dominated time of possession and line play on both of the ball and our D only gave you 11 points without surrendering a major. That has to be a concern, especially since this was a home game for you.

I would partly agree. I think our Dline vs the Als Oline was fairly even in the first half. We had some pressure and got a couple of sacks, which is an improvement over what the Dline showed in games 1 and 2. Our pass rush wasn't as strong in the second half IMO.

2 INTs aside, the D still gave up over 300 yards passing. The offense was incapable of putting up the points to match the Als and we had to rely on the secondary and special teams to put up points and score us the win. It was bound to happen as the offense has been shown itself capable the first two weeks with Willy at the helm. The offense came through late running down the clock to help preserve the win though. And on the plus side, we face the Stamps next to have to face the Argos on a Monday and will have to face us on a short week.

Als TOP was 30:17
Bombers 29:47

30 seconds difference. I don't think "dominated" is the word to use.
Aside from a couple long bombs by Montreal this was a very close game. As for our O under performing, I think most Bomber fans are happy Willy played a safe game, and came away healthy. No concern.