Game 2

So....are the Als starters going to see some action......sounds like most of the Bombers starters will be in the line up Thursday.....

I doubt it

Don Matthews announced today that the following players would not face the Blue Bombers on Thursday due to injuries: Terrence Edwards, Kai Ellis, Sylvain Girard, Ezra Landry, Jerome Haywood, Dave Stala, Mike Vilimek and Clinton Wayne. Running back Robert Edwards has a tight calf and his presence is still uncertain.

I'd expect Calvillo to play for a quarter, just to get some rust off, but Brady and Greene still have a job to win, so they should bein most of the time. I'd expect McBrien to get third string, so the other two will battle out the backup job.

More starters should be fielded on the defensive unit, although some jobs are still to be earned.

In all, don't expect next game to mean anything whatsoever.

Anyways, I'll be there and I'll try to post a thread about who looked good on both teams.

Calvillo will certainly play. If Greene and Brady are still fighting for the no. 2 job, then the regular O-line and receivers should play again. On defence, I have no idea who'll play, but I don't imagine veterans like Stewart and Philion will get big minutes. They know the system, they're experienced, and we still need to find a starting nose tackle, defensive end, and middle linebacker.

Calvillo said on tv yesterday that he would play at least 2 quarters, and if he didnt like the way the offense move, he would stay longer.

Oh man, here we go again... :expressionless:

UglyandHasty wrote: Calvillo said on tv yesterday that he would play at least 2 quarters, and if he didnt like the way the offense move, he would stay longer.

Oh man, here we go again...


Going into the season with one half of football is not much. If he needs the whole game to get his timing down, he has to take it. Unless you want him to practice in regular season game?

The Don said that Calvillo has played all but two quarters in last four seasons and that won't change... So does it really matter?

Yeah, really. A.C. can take as much of the game as he wants to get himself ready for the regular season. Greene and Brady are both veterans, so unlike Ted White, they can come into a game situation and be more productive regardless of how much activity they see in preseason. Basically, Calvillo is our guy, and we have the best O-line in the league, so I'm not too concerned about injury. What I AM concerned about is smoking Winnipeg in the season opener.

Well I got back from the game and Calvillo was excellent showing very little rust. He hit a couple really nice deep passes and anderson was definitely our best receiver this game.

Etien Boulay looked good on special teams and did alright as MLB. Dunbar I thought looked good at receiver he caught most of what was thrown to him including a tough catch in the endzone. Cobourne looked good on a big run though there was some confusion about whether the play was alive or not. Chip Cox played a solid game at HB making some nice defensive plays 1 on 1.

As for the backup QBs I thought Greene looked a little better but he idd have the A team to work with and when they both had the B team I thought Brady looked a bit better. I think Nealon is gonna end up our backup this year but Im hoping its brady since Nealon couldnt even score with our A team on the field.

EDIT: also this was my first time at percival molson stadium and the atmosphere is amazing the the big screen looks great

I noticed from the game report that Watkins and Sanchez left the game with injuries. Hopefully both will be ready for the season opener.

Nice to see Calvillo in form, and especially nice to see Thyron Anderson return as a force. He's a natural fit at wide receiver with his size and athleticism, and if he has indeed added 10 pounds of muscle as A.C. says, he is going to dominate his one-on-one matchups on the outside.

With Cahoon, Anderson, Stala and Watkins, there's no reason why we can't have four 1000-yard receivers for a third year in a row!