Game 2 TiCats

Even though we are home, we're probably the underdog in this one.

Should be a good one. Hopefully Sears doesn't come back to bite us and have a monster game like last week.

How the heck does O’Shea and company think that Brohm is the no 2 qb. for this team…C’mon for cripes sake…the guy should be cut AND to make things worse they put him in over MARVE…sorry O’shea that’s a loser move and he better straighten it out…undisciplined AND THE FOCUS WILL BE ON COACHING SHORTLY IF THIS CONTINUES :thdn: :thdn:

Promising start to the game quickly unraveled. Ticats tried a couple early runs but haven't stopped passing when they figured out they can pass at will right now. Can't get any sort of pass rush using 4 rushers, or blitzing for that matter - nothing up the middle or the edge. Offense has fallen apart since that opening TD drive. Protection has struggled greatly with the Ticats blitzing schemes. Undisciplined penalties.

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 7m7 minutes ago

The reason why Brohm goes in before Marve is because he knows the offence better. #Bombers

They are having him make all these short throws because they can’t handle the pass rush/blitzes. Problem is all these are hitting guys standing still and they are taking a licking. Would be nice if he hit a couple of these guys in stride. Just as I say that Brohm hits 2 completions to Moore in stride.

I don't know how the helmet to helmet on Willy does not get called... Hope it's not serious

Awful outing by Pontbriand. Not paying attention to a ball thrown his way, a number of missed blocks, including the one that allowed Hickman to hit Brohm high.

How can they not be testing Ed Gainey tonight is beyond me. He was awful against the stamps, giving up a lot of yards to Fuller and a couple of illegal contact calls. Should have tried to exploit him a couple times by now.

As long as Willy is out, the Bombers don't have a chance.

What really bothers me, as it did last year too, is the fact that when something is not working , O'Shea continues to allow it to not work. When it was realized the the Cats would not be running the ball with Holley at RB, why not concentrate on the pass ? The Cats threw with impunity. When Brohm came in and it was soon evident that he wasn't connecting with receivers, why did they not use Cotton and Marshall almost exclusively, instead of letting the Cat defenders pick us off. I understand sticking to a game plan, but if it blows up in your face..... It's this kind of blinder mentality that I can't watch. For the third time in two years I turned off the game. I couldn't watch ! This I never have done in my previous 40 plus years of cheering for the Bombers. If the coaching staff can't come up with a back-up plan in case of failure, then I may not be watching more in the future.It just seems to me to be plain stupidity to continue to play a failing method. Even a dog knows to come in out of the rain.

Hey gang I will probably be flamed and called a troll but lets be honest, O'shea is a terrible coach and has no business being a HC at this point in his career. He was a excellent ST Co-ordinator but HC he is not.

Personally I'd like to see the move of Randle to SAM be finished with and have him back in the secondary. Not that he's been terrible there but the secondary is better with him in it and not running around in the middle of the field. I get that they are trying to find a spot for Adams but that secondary as it's constructed has been giving up passing yards and big plays all over the field and is tackling very poorly.

There was some talk about the Bombers playing on a short week and their lack of success in such situations last season as well. I'm beginning to think there's a lot of coaching issues going into that. As Dan pointed out, there were poor adjustments to the action as it unfolded on the field. This has been a problem around these parts going well past O'Shea's tenure and it's quite frustrating. I never would have figured the D would go backwards from last year but it clearly has. Still no pass rush and the few times we blitzed, Hamilton most of the time was able to block it effectively. And our attempts to blitz were poorly disguised. I'd be curious to see the figures on how many times Hamilton blitzed that first half, seems like it was at least every other defensive play and our rebuilt Oline had difficulty picking out where it was coming from. Easy to see we were outcoached a lot of the game last night.

I was personally surprised by this move as I find Randle quite underrated and felt that he was Winnipeg's best cover guy and cover guys are hard to come by.

Short week, complete and utter lack of preparation, that is on the coaching staff.

Yup, one of the few all-star cover players we have and they took him out of that role. I am not a Ritchie Hall fan at all.

We may end up being the Worst 2-2 football team after 4 games . Probably scrape by the Als and lose by 97 in Calgary !

Not only was Brohm looking bad but our D has me worried bigtime...the linebackers in particular...I;m beginning to wonder if Hurl is the answer in the middle...Seems to be arriving late and has poor anticipation...Mike O will leave him in there though ,as he seems to be a pet project of his....Message to Mike....Bomber fans don't want to wait ions for another Cup contender,,Bring in an American for the middle ...What's Rennie Curran doing lately??? Hurl is a nice back-up till he learns more behind an experienced guy such as Curran...otherwise we will continue to get beat up the middle...Also ..I don't know how many sacks we have this year...not many for sure....There's literally no pressure on the qb....He has all day to stand in the pocket and carve us up...Westerman does not look good at the present...I hope he finds his game...The ends are playing very suspect and I'm really disappointed with their effort so far...I also believe Randall has to go back to his spot...He excels there...Lot of work for the Bombers to put something decent together...AND IF they start Brohm over Marve in the next one if Willy can't go...I ain't watching...This team has to do better and we'll find out how much 'character' this club has with our no 1 pivot possibly being out.. :roll:

Still don't think you can go very far on offense with Marcel Bellefeuille in charge.

Offense has been the least of our worries IMO. We've put up the 4th most points in the league after 2 games. It's the league worst 78 points against after 2 games that has me worried the most. You cannot give up almost 40 points a game and expect to win, regardless of who's leading your offense. And we continue to have special teams breakdowns too often. Vs the Ticats it was a long return and Hajrullahu missing 2 PATs.

We have 2 sacks, both against the Ticats, by Westerman and Khalil Bass. I thought Westerman looked better vs the Ticats than he did vs the Riders. I'm still willing to give him some time. I still don't understand why Greg Peach is out there. Stats page shows 5 tackles through 2 games, but I haven't noticed any sort of pressure or anything from him and his contain skills are average. We could do better, we should do better.

Brohm for sure starts the next game. For what it's worth, it seems like Marve hasn't earned the coaches confidence. Brohm I think is seen as the better game manager who can make plays but not many of the big explosive ones, Marve the bigger high risk/reward type guy. I think you can win with Brohm at QB as long as you have an average defense and the scores are in the 20's. The problem is our defense can't stop the opposition, so winning with a game manager is a tough task. I don't mind Brohm starting but if the Als start pulling away, O'Shea needs to pull the hook on Brohm and switch things up. The problem is he's so loyal to some players that he probably won't. Biggest thing he needs to learn is to stop thinking like a football players and being one of the guys in the locker room. Being the coach means making some of the tough choices on the field to win football games and if that means benching someone, then bench them.

Fair enough, although a chunk of the points you put up in game 2 were garbage-time points after the game had gotten out of hand.

Seems weird that Willy is back practicing with the team today after being knocked out just a few days ago, though?

Sacks are down league wide. All the offenses have gone to hot reads and quick releases. Guys like Charleston Hughes, John Chick, John Bowman are getting a lot of double teams. I haven't watched much of Peach so far this year but generally he's been an underrated pass rusher in his career who has suffered from injuries. Fulton in Week 1 would have been a tough assignment just as Chick struggled against Stanley Bryant. I work on Thursday nights so I missed the Hamilton game. I'm not saying whether Peach is playing well or not, just maybe give him a little more chance before giving up on him.

Surprised that Winnipeg let Vega go. With 2 good ends it makes it that much easier for both to get pressure.