game 2 Roberts vs Williams

Im really looking forward to this game,canad inns might sell out because of rick. your thoughts[/img]

..Charlie vs. Williams....should be a good one...winning this one would sure be a confidence builder....we will definitely get a 110 percent from the BigBlue...

what about the match-up between kevin glenn and spergon that should be a very interesting one to say the least...the bombers will get to see what they lost, and it was a good one..i say we blitz all nite long and see if we cant get him a lil rattled

It would be interesting to see this match between a outcast and a player i respect as a worthy foe during some Ottawa games

Yes this will be a key matchup. Will Spergon Wynn have the adrenalin flowing to make a point, and prove Taman was wrong in not giving him a shot last year?

Roberts VS Williams a great matchup!

I'll be cheering this game from really two points of view.I'll be pulling for Roberts to out rush Williams and Spergon to out pass and out throw Glenn.

How about Overtime?

weather or not Winnipeg wins the game, Roberts is going to smoke RW.

you heard it here frist.

Roberts smoking RW... yeah maybe smoke WITH him after the game...

Argos win by 2 TDs.

Am i looking forward to see a CFL star Running Back against a NFL castoff?

you should.

My big concen for the BB is own O line and QB, if Glenn can get the lead going into the 4th quater, if the D stays stonrg, and Roberts and the O make big plays to kill the clock, and have enough points come the three minute waring, BB will walk away with the win. On the Argos side, it’s up to Wynn to stay on fire, and the O line to battle the BB D (number 1 in the league).

Question is, can all the elements come togerther for a BB win?

Argo D has been the best in the league for 3 years now....still the same core unit too.

Wynn doesn't need to be on fire. Just play without losing it on his own. If Michael Bishop could do it...Wynn sure can!

do you really think Roberts is gonna let Williams show him up in his own house…Argos have had the worst rushing defence in the league for many years now…I wouldnt be surprised to see Charlie get 150 or 200 yards rushing in this one…Bombers by 10…

Roberts may get more yards ( Rich Stubler’s ‘bend but don’t break’ D has allowed plenty of rush yards… )

But no way do the Bombers win…let alone by 10 points.

if Roberts gets his yards, and RW doesn't, how will the Argos win? by a passing game agaist the best D in the league? your dreaming.

Glad to see Roberts out-shine Williams....

...glad to see our 'd' has returned to the ol'nasty and successful days ...when other teams respected our play...our defense is definitely going to make its mark this year as one of the better ones....and if the offense ever catches fire ....look out......we are going to be a handful.. :roll: :thup:

right now we could be the beasts of the east

I don't know about that, we still have the ?ls to worry about, but we are number 1 for now.

Number 1 ? :o :o

What kind of math are they teaching in school nowadays???? Montreal 2-0 is number one, Winnipeg and Toronto Tied at 1-1 is number two.

its KK what do you expect?

ok i was at the game and watchin Ricky very closely and i could have swore he touched the ball more than 9 times ( 1recieving 8 rushes) do they not count the carries were he loses cuz in the 1st Quarter alone i saw him touch the ball 4-5 times u can't tell me they only gave him the ball another 4-5 more times through the rest of the game cuz there were alot of running play unless they were using a diff. RB for some but ya