Game #2 : Argos

He’s on the 6 game injured list. The 6 gamers dont show up in the weekly/ daily updates. Same with Wynn.

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Ticats, F1, US Open Final Round, Blue Jays.

Thanks, didn’t realize they had him there. What’s strange though is Vosean Joseph is also listed on the 6 game list right now but shows on the injury report.

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I wonder if Reilly and Saxield can pull a Joel Figueroa and not practice all week and play come Sunday??

Who’s going to BMO on Sunday? Where would be best to get cheap(er) tickets? Any one know of any deals for tickets?

Check Argos website for details. They might have some deals going on for Father’s Day

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Ewww…then that’ll be in my browsing history!


FireFox has private browsing with zero tracking, and all history/cookies are scrubbed after.

Will that work on my brain too? All that blue…ewww


The injury report shows the TiCats will be missing, from the season opener line-up, RT Riley, SB Bayless, and back-up OL Saxelid.
The only choices they have to add to this game’s line-up: Kemp or Sartor, Gallimore or Jon’Vea Johnson, and Black.


[quote=“Grover, post:3, topic:86319”]
Orlondo Steinauer said “we’re afforded the extra day this week. As far as we know we’ll be status quo there and we’ll start (Sunday) with the same tackles.

Classic Stein here. He’s a master BS’er and knew full well Riley and Saxelid wouldn’t be playing unless they miraculously healed in a couple of days. How can anyone believe anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth…lol.


It looks like Seth Small has been placed on the suspended list once again. The cats have brought in Liegghio to replace. Not much time for him to get down here and prepare. They let go both kickers from training camp and now this. I don’t know what management is thinking with the kicking situation. It seems like a mess. I hope the game on Sunday doesn’t come down to a last minute or play field goal.


Argos Chart:

The Cats must be, still, shuffling theirs.
Are the Argos one over the max (I thought it was 12) on their P.R.?

Here’s the thing - unless the League insists on accurate injury reporting (something that is rather important for Sports gambling), guys like El Presidente will continue to outright LIE about them.

The NFL, NBA, and MLB all have detained injury reporting that doesn’t get into the intimate details of the various athletes’ injury and recovery. The NHL seriously lags behind, but will probably have to become more open in the very near future.

I hope you’re not feeling swindled.

What is the difference really if Orlondo says I don’t think these guys can go on Sunday and they pull a Figueroa and play.

Or they are expected to play until I am told otherwise is basically what he said.

A little mystery for the opponents never hurt anyone.


Yep that Stein…he totally fooled those Argos.

If you put yourself in the coaches shoes.
He is doing a media hit.

As the coach would you say this guy isn’t going, that guy isn’t going making everything appear negative.
Keep things positive with the media hit and don’t elaborate on injuries and get on to the next question?


He wasn’t asked to elaborate on injuries. Steve Milton asked him a direct question and Stein blatantly lied to him. Couldn’t Stein have said " I don’t really know about the injury situation regarding those guys, we’ll just have to see how things go in practice this week"?