Game #2 : Argos

Not a game thread, but a build up to the game thread.
It looks like Tim White is good to go on Sunday.


Uh oh. When asked what he noticed in his first game playing with Bo, Timmy said:

“His leadership. Ability to stay calm through adversity. Not one of those guys to get a little frantic when things get hot. He just calms down. You could feel that he is still in control. That’s a major thing for all of us.”

Can’t even imagine who he is thinking about.


Neither Saxelid nor Riley took part in action Tuesday. Saxelid was on the sidelines and Riley wasn’t even on the field, but head coach Orlondo Steinauer said “we’re afforded the extra day this week. As far as we know we’ll be status quo there and we’ll start (Sunday) with the same tackles.”

Safety Tunde Adeleke, who appeared to injure his leg during the opener but eventually returned to the game, was on the field and Steinauer said he will be ready to go on the weekend.


Oh Stein, you’re so funny…lol

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Here’s the thing about this week… after everywhere I read and everything ppl are shitting in us because of how well we played last week… we had a slow start… Mitchell I believe is 14-4 against Argos if I’m not mistaken when he was with cgy… I know we’re not cgy per say… but listening to the x and Argos walk though even Ben grant is unsure what they have with Chad Kelly… everyone is walking over us this week and think we are gonna lose… I think we will surprise a bunch of ppl this week and end up beating the Argos… so what Jamal peters returned to the team…

bo is not Dane… Argos may have a good defense but so do we and we have a proven vet where they have a qb that has played 1 game and what a small sample size in pre season… I think Argos will come back to planet earth this week and will be in for a rude awakening


Not in the secondary, Collaros picked them apart.
I don’t think Kelly will be able to stand in the pocket and have the quick release that Collaros used to burn the defense. I see a lot of pressure on Kelly and a shut down of his scrambling.
But we don’t know what to expect from him


Hopefully the Cats help the weekend end on a good note. When’s the last time they played a regular season Sunday night game?

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On Fathers Day!
What could be better
Being lavished with gifts and a TiCats victory is all I ask


Good question . I can honestly say that without looking it up I can’t recall the last time that this has ever happened .

Glad to know that these three guys along with Tim will be playing. Good news from coach O.


“It definitely helps a lot,” Edwards said on how much his experience with the Double Blue will help him come kickoff. “It’s a new quarterback to these guys over here but I saw Chad every day at practice. I know a lot of his tendencies that I could help alert the team to.”

Good video here: Thoughts from Tim, Duke and Coach O.


keep in mind we have a short schedule because not only do we have a game on sunday 5 days later we have our home opener on the 23rd against Montreal.

Weird day, going to throw my whole weekend off!


Ticats, Argos Injury Reports: Ambles, Muamba sit out Wed. -

The bad news: O.Bayless, K.Saxelid, T.Riley, V.Joseph

The good news: T.White, D.Williams, B.Kemp, T.Crawford, M.Manalo


And, in both cases, the TiCats are playing well-rested teams coming off bye weeks.


La semaine de relâche est à deux tranchants. Parfois, le repos permet de revenir en force, parfois, il fait perdre le synchronisme. Les Argonauts n’ont pas joué de vraie partie encore, alors ça peut se transposer en une exécution imparfaite et des ajustements à faire dont les Tiger Cats pourraient profiter.

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I didn’t expect to see Bayless playing. First time seeing Vosean Joseph on the list but I’m pretty sure he dinged his shoulder in the first preseason game.

Did not see Van Zeyl there - does this mean he might actually suit up at tackle/or backup? Kemp might be a decent replacement for Riley who didn’t look good against Jefferson last week. Be interested to see if they dress Black for the oline as well.

wonder who fills in for Bayless

Well they have a few options they can go to such as Lio’undre Gallimore or one of the two new signees , the versatile rb/wr Tyreik McCallister or final roster cut returnee Jon 'vea Johnson .