Game 2: Als at Argos 06/16/22

Day 1: Along with William Stanback, Najee Murray, Greg Reid, and Mario Alford were all DNP.

From today's CFL transactions, A DE Antonio Simmons has been deleted from active roster. Now a free agent. Will he be added to practice roster.

A LB Josh Harvey-Clemons has been added to the active roster; was on practice roster.


CFL Transactions does list Antonio Simmons as being added to the Practice Roster. While there is no proof either way, I did wonder whether the signing of Simmons was made by Danny Maciocia to make himself look good as he retained both players in the Trevor Harris trade.

Najee Murray is now on the 6-game, so the Als will need to find another DB.

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Didier says he expects the Als to bring in more American RBs and that Reid & Alford are not expected to play Thursday.

Weren't Reid and Alford added to the 6-game? In any case, I'd like to see more aggressive playcalling from Miles against the Argos. Hit MBT, smack him around and don't let him get into a rhythm. Force him into interceptions. Would love to see some interesting blitz packages.

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Najee Murray was already on 6 game injury list, last game; reason why A DB Jarnor Jones was on active roster rather than practice roster.

If both Reid and Alford don't play Thursday, A DB Darius Williams should go from practice roster to active roster and A WR/KR Chandler Worthy from 1 game injured list to active roster.

With addition of Josh Harvey-Clemons on active roster, I wonder if Tyrice Beverette could play DB.


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After Ankle surgery Will's season is over. He's looking at a difficult and long rehab. My best wishes go out to him.

They are saying he will be back this season just donno when yet

If Antonio Simmons is not dressing, there has to be another defensive lineman to take his place. Could Tyrell Richards line up and get reps there? As far as I know, Richards took no snaps at middle linebacker against the Stamps. If not Richards, the only other DL on the roster is Vincent Desjardins.

As you wrote, okie, if Antonio Simmons is not dressing, Tyrell Richards could line up rotate as DE; furthermore, if no so why add LB Josh Harvey-Clemons to active roster.

I don't know if it's a mistake but on the roster DB Jarnor Jones is on 6 game injury list and DB Najee Murray from 6 game injury list to active roster.


Joey Alfieri said that Najee Murray had responded to treatment, is coming off the injury list early, and that he is a possible replacement for Greg Reid's spot if Reid is unavailable. Murray today was listed as limited participation.

Almondo Sewell was also a DNP, but the cause is not injury related.

Gary Stern Gives a Vote of Confidence to Khari Jones, Mario Cecchini, and Danny Maciocia on Monday.

Also, Greg Reid and Mario Alford are expected to miss the game.

The Stern ownership has not yet given the city a winning team (7-7 in 2021, 0-1 in 2022), so if he is expecting 22,000 crowds to start the season il rĂŞve en couleurs.

He has to be realistic and not put needless pressure on his staff which just feeds media rumors.

If the team has a sustained winning record and the crowds don't come out, then and only then does he have a right to complain. Someone should remind him how dysfunctional the franchise had become prior to his purchase and there is ground to be made up.


Well, he has a point. A city of a few million people should be able to put 20k in the stands.


They are facing competition from the Montreal TFC , the new basketball team (Alliance), and heading into the festival season.
Add in the inflation, gas prices, this may take out some casual fans.

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well i'm a life long CFL fan but if a non local owner says to me " if you dont show up I may throw in the towel" I say throw it over here pal.


Prime opportunity for Chandler Worthy to show his value if they do decide to use him. I am sure he will have a little extra motivation and wish him the best.

No disrespect to Brandon Banks who I would also like to see have a good game.

Montreal is a +2.5 pt underdog. Too close for me to call.

The Als on Sunday added former Winnipeg tailback Shane Simpson. And it’s possible former Clemson tailback Tavien Feaster might be returning. He was briefly at training camp before returning home because of personal reasons. But it’ll be Antwi starting Thursday night, when Montreal travels to Toronto.

Meanwhile, the Als also will be without defensive-back Greg Reid (knee) and return-specialist Mario Alford (abdomen) against the Argonauts. Najee Murray has been removed from the six-game injured list to replace Reid, while Chandler Worthy is expected to return kicks and will be included in some offensive packages as a receiver. Worthy, who came to the Als during training camp, spent three seasons with Toronto.

Defensive-tackle Almondo Sewell missed practice for the birth of his child, but should be on the field Tuesday.

Geez it's only what 9 home games...mostly on Thursday and Friday nights..not all football fans are basketball or soccer fans...lame excuse..sorry.

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Rooting for Antwi to have a great game. Likable young man.

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