Game 18 Montreal Vs Hamilton

Well the forecast is cold with rain and possible flurries. Hopefully the Als have a vast and effective ground game and a defense that keeps Collaros in the pocket.

Sunday Cloudy with 30 percent chance of rain showers or flurries. Low plus 1. High plus 3.
Love November football !

Gonna be very difficult to run the football on Hamilton. I'm not sanguine.

If they use Sutton, Rodges and Rainey, they can do all kinds of things but if they lock in to a couple guys. Austin will sniff them out. Bad weather works in our favour. Its hard to get high scoring games.

I don/t/won't worry too much about sunday's weather,since the game is on saturday. A chance of rain on saturday.


Saturday Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Windy. High 6.
Same difference

The current over/under betting line for the game is 45.5 pts. I'm willing to bet the house that with these two teams defenses and the weather forecast that the final score will definitely go Under the mark. I'm of course hoping that the Cats come out on top on the scoreboard but realistically I can't see them winning by a margin of 8 pts,especially since it looks like it will be a low scoring affair and points will be at a premium in this game. It should be a classic though and one of the more intense games if not the most intense game played this season.Who would have thought that way back when these teams were sitting at 1-7 and 1-6 respectively that the season would come down to this ? Both teams have had nice bounce backs in the 2nd half of the season,so Kudos to both squads and may the best team long as it's the Cats :wink: :slight_smile: Oh yeah and tonight it's GO REDBLACKS GO !!!! See ya all down at THF and hopefully again in 2 weeks time in the Eastern Final :rockin: :cowboy:

Les Timinous sont favoris, et tant mieux!

Je crois que la meilleure ligne offensive va faire gagner son équipe. Défensivement, les Alouettes sont peut-être un petit peu meilleurs, offensivement les Timinous sont meilleurs. Les Timinous ont des unités spéciales et les Alouettes n'en ont pas.

On peut donc penser que le jeu de la ligne offensive va faire la différence. L'équipe qui protégera le mieux son quart et qui ouvrira le mieux le chemin pour les porteurs de ballon finira par gagner.

Les Alouettes joueront cette partie et auront congé la semaine prochaine. :wink:

Hard to disagree here, except the "as long as its the Cats"

Should be a good game.

A Toronto win tonight adds pressure on Hamilton :cowboy:

Just looking at the Ticats depth chart (Theirs is up...) What jumps at me is they can dress up to 8 offensive linesmen and have added Allen a North South type back instead of Madu. Austin will try and bull through the Als smaller but faster defense up the middle and use Speed (Banks and Sinkfield) on the edge and in the flats. Hope Thorpe is ready for him.

He's' probably going back to last year, seeing the success Masoli had in wildcat/run formations, and thinking he wants to pound the ball. As you say, I hope Thorpe is ready. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it...

Without Fantuz, he's probably going to use Collaros ability to move the pocket laterally and use one of Banks or Sinkfield as the checkdown while the other goes downfield. So Collaros can look for a busted coverage on the sideline or checkdown if the deep route is covered. Austin is going to look for the big plays especially early on.

Richard, whats happening? All kind of roster moves going on and youre not giving them to us! Are you playing out your option?

Fournier, Norris, Irvin, Gilyard added, Bedard on injured list.

Just thought I'd give a heads up, if any of you guys are in Hamilton tonight, the Hamilton Bulldogs, affiliate to the Canadiens are playing the Adirondack Flames tonight at the First Ontario Centre (Copps Coliseum) if you are looking for something to do and got $26 to spend.

So we know Zalesky has to be in. My guess is Fournier and Gilyard sit. Some team probably try to swipe one or both off our roster.

Forecast getting worst for Saturday :smiley:

Saturday Cloudy. Periods of rain beginning early in the morning. Rain mixed with wet snow early in the morning. Wind southwest 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 6.

We'll need a good game from Sutton. I believe Ham is not noted for a ground game.

Fournier won't sit,since the Als have only 21 Nat. players on the roster. They have 25 Int. and 21 Nat. 2 Int. players,amongst WR/KR Marty Gilyard,DE Brian Brikowski,DT Irvin Corvey and DE Caesar Rayford will sit. I doubt, but Gilyard coud play and James Rodgers sit. Or both could play and 2 Int. linemen could sit.


Thanks, I don't see Gilyard coming in cold at receiver in game 18. Brikowsky made a bonehead move last week but he's been around longer than Rayford. So who knows.

Unfortunately not Sean Whyte weather.