Game 18 - Als at Argos

Some lineup changes, per Als website


  • Dominique Davis will make his first start of 2022

  • Third-string quarterback Davis Alexander will make his professional debut at some point in this game.

  • On top of Harris, the Als will also be resting receivers Geno Lewis and Jake Wieneke, and right tackle Landon Rice ... Veteran right guard Kristian Matte is also expected to sit.

  • Receivers Hergy Mayala, Kaion Julien-Grant, Tyson Philpot, Kevin Kaya, and Cole Spieker will all get opportunities to make plays at BMO Field against the Argonauts.

  • Expect there to be some shuffling along the offensive line. P-O Lestage ... could get a look at right tackle.

  • Second-year pro Patrick Davis, who played college football at Syracuse, will get a look at centre and/or guard.

  • Running backs William Stanback, Walter Fletcher and Jeshrun Antwi will all be in the lineup.


  • Nose tackle Almondo Sewell won’t be in the lineup on Saturday afternoon ... youngsters Mustafa Johnson and Jabari Ellis will get to play quite a bit in the season finale.

  • Middle linebacker Micah Awe, defensive back Raheem Wilson, and cornerback Nafees Lyon will also be held out of the lineup on Saturday afternoon. Awe will be replaced by Keishawn Bierria while Kenneth Durden will tag in for Lyon. Najee Murray will move back into the starting lineup for Wilson.

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