Game 17: Toronto @ Montreal 10/22/22

Anyone know what happened to Davis Alexander? I wonder why he's Limited in Practice? I assume he got injured in practice.

Not sure how useful that comparison is. You're comparing the cheaper hockey tickets to the most expensive CFL tickets. Comparing premium hockey tickets to premium CFL tickets, or cheap to cheap, would be a better model.

I don't see a 10th team coming along any time soon, but if one comes and the season remains 18 games per team, that will mean 90 games in total. Could be played over 18 weeks with no byes (highly unlikely IMO), 19 weeks with one bye (somewhat unlikely IMO), 20 weeks with two byes (most likely IMO) or 21 weeks with three byes (highly unlikely IMO).

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You are correct. Just had a look for the game this Sat. night, cheapest is $80.

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When I think about it, not sure I want us to win the game Saturday (at least I won't mad). We had difficulties each game after a bye week this season and I would be curious to see what Davis Alexander can do for the last game and if he can be a starter next year.

I'll never hope for us to lose a game, I just can't. :smiley: If this team has any aspirations to being a contender, we need to show we can win post-bye games, and pre-bye games, and every type of game, really. I would love for us to win this week and set up a showdown for first place the following week. I'm not optimistic about it happening, though. Hope I'm wrong!

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I can't say I want them to loose either. I would be more happy with a win for sure, but I would't be that mad if we loose.

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Well i hope that they win both! That way the only need 1 win to get to the GC!


The reason for that is because after the loses in 2020 teams want to save on travel costs.....Its cheaper to take the bus and return after the game in ottawa than to fly to one of the western cities

From CFL Transactions:

DL Jabari Ellis from Practice Roster to Active Roster
WR Mike Jones from Practice Roster to Active Roster
WR Cole Spieker from Active Roster to Practice Roster
DL Vincent Desjardins from Active Roster to Practice Roster

DL Brock Gowanlock from 6-game Injured List
DL Jabari Ellis from Practice Roster
WR Mike Jones from Practice Roster

DB Zach Lindley to 1-game Injured List
DL Vincent Desjardins to Practice Roster
WR Cole Spieker to Practice Roster

Sure would have been nice to know Gowanlock was practicing with the team beforehand. Anyhow, he's back, which seems to suggest they weren't particularly happy with Vincent Desjardins's performance in the past couple of games.

Similarly, Jabari Ellis being activated would seem to suggest Wakefield's time with the team is coming to a close.

No listed backup for Dequoy at safety, but both Beverette and Ackie can play the position, so it's not an issue. I want to see how much starting time Murray gets in the secondary. He's a good cover guy -- why is he backing up Raheem Wilson?

Yes, I don't understand why they start Wilson before Murray.

Curious to see what Ellis will give us, he seem intriguing.


Is Tyrell Richards done for the year? Also, glad to see Mike Jones get out there for us, and I like that we're switching up the D-line depth for this game, hopefully it provides some much needed pressure.

Richards is likely done for the year, yes.

You're right about dressing 7 DL. Hadn't noticed it initially but it's very nice to see. Should hopefully keep the starters fresh.

Edit: hoping that Brown has a bounce-back game at center. He was a turnstile last Friday and that can't happen again. One bad hit on Harris could be our season. Same with Jones in the secondary. He has to step up tomorrow.

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Would it not be nice to call some plays that would have Harris rolling out of the pocket to help out Brown and the o line a little.

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To a limited extent, yes, but Harris is a pylon, so his ability to avoid pressure on the run isn't going to be that stellar. I'd be more inclined to run those types of plays with a mobile QB under center.

The best way to take the heat off Brown and the whole O-line is to establish the ground game early and not abandon it. Let the big boys be the hammer, not the nail. If we can put together an early drive with plenty of run plays, that wears down any defense and opens up the intermediate and deep middle parts of the field.


Harris can move somewhat. Better than just standing in the pocket.
And yes agree, run the ball more and have your o line run block.

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Someone now why they don't use Matte as Center anymore ? Matte was an East team all star as center in 2019 and we could play Gagnon as RG or Brown that would probably more well suite for him.

Even P-O Lestage was use as Center with Seattle

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Matte is very near the end of his career. His drop-off in play this year has been noticeable. Brown has been Jamieson's backup at center the whole season, and filled in when Jamieson was hurt earlier, so it makes sense to stick with him.

Gagnon seems to have lost his starter's job to Lestage, so if he comes back next year, it's as a backup at a reduced salary.