Game 17: Toronto @ Montreal 10/22/22

Banks will likely play against us this week in the battle for first place in the East.

The most important game of the season

Go Als GO !

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N DB/S Zach Lindley did not practice for the past 2 days. Will most probably be out Saturday. I wonder who will replace him?

To me, a few options:

-Could be replaced by N DB Trashaun Abrahams.

-Could be replaced by A DB Kenneth Durden or A DB Ronthany Texada or A LB Keishawn Bierria; if so, A WR Cole Spieker could go to 1 game injury list and N WR Mike Jones or G WR Kevin Kaya could be added to active roster.

We will have answers Friday.


Je suis allé voir les billets disponibles pour le match de samedi. Triste de voir qu’il reste plusieurs milliers de billets à vendre. Très décevant considérant l’importance du match.

C’est très décevant!

Ah oui? C'est tres suprenanat etant donne qu'il fera beau avec une temperature de 18. Je me demande si le dernier match a domicile contre les RBs a decourage certains partisans? De toute facon, je serai la.

I loathe this stupid schedule. We've played Ottawa like a billion times, but B.C. and Calgary only once. We played Toronto in Week 2, and now we're ending the season with two games against them, despite the fact that we are likely going to face them in the playoffs shortly thereafter. Please, CFL, no more playing any team four times in one year. Each teams should play every other team twice, for a total of 16 games, with the extra two games against division rivals.

This in fact was a very strange schedule. 3 bye weeks! And no friday night games in July or August, 4 home games in a row.
You would think that it wouldn't be that difficult scheduling games in a 9 team league
..but apparently it is!:unamused:

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Honestly, the main reason I want a 10th team added to the league is scheduling symmetry. Ten teams = 0 byes. And I sincerely hope we never have a four-game homestand again, even though it worked in our favor this year.

The 2021-14 games- and 2022 scheduler's;es were different than prior to 2020, because of COVID.

For 2023 and beyond it should/ will be 10 games against the West-2 against each team- 2 games against 1 East opponent and 3 games each against 2 other East opponents for a total of 18 games. 10 against the West and 8 against the East.

If ever a 10th team is added, it would be different, since it could be 2 games against each team. To me, if ever there is a 10th team it won't be before 6 to 7 years from now.



Pas surpris.

Les Canadiens jouent samedi soir.
Le CF joue dimanche dans un match eliminatoire.

Et les Alouettes ont perdu contre les RB leur dernier match ici.

I really believe that your first 2 points have no bearing on the attendance whatsoever. The last point i agree.

The people who attend the Als games will be there.
Casual fan, (last minute walk up) may choose to spend their money on the CF playoff game or the Canadiens.

I believe these come into play as well as the loss to the RB last home game.


Both soccer (now) and hockey tickets(crazy expensive) are not as easily available. Many cfl fans (that i know) couldnt care less about soccer and vise-versa.

I think you and @tony are both right TBH. I agree with him that walk-up traffic from casual fans who might be swayed to a hockey or soccer game is significant. But I agree with you that a number of CFL fans neither have the cash nor the desire to shell out for hockey or soccer games.

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And I know some who are "sports" fans with limited funds.
They are choosing to spend their limited funds elsewhere other than the Als, especially when they lost twice at home to the RB.

Seats in the Bell Centre upper deck are no more expensive than the top end tickets for the Als.

I just took a look at the Montreal CF website to see how much their playoff tickets were going for and from what I see it is sold out.

Regular season games I think are on par with Als games in regards to pricing.

As I said, the "casual" fan may be choosing to go elsewhere.

Yes...those home losses do have an impact on attendance however, a beautiful warm sunny day is forecast and an important game to some extent should bring out at least 20k. As far as walk up crowds are concerned, the Als used to do very well with that.

Key "use to".

Anyway, hopefully they do get 20k for the game.

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[quote="cahoonrules, post:7, topic:81882"]
...This in fact was a very strange schedule. 3 bye weeks! [/quote]

Three byes are standard now. It is impossible to schedule 81 games without each team getting three byes, unless one team is forced to play two games in the same week. It takes 21 weeks to play 18 games without anyone playing twice in a week.

I don't think we should eliminate the BYE week with the addition of a 10th team, I think it's good to get a week of rest during the season, we just won't need two additional byes each season for each team.