Game 16: Als at Redblacks 10/14/22

Fire Maciocia! Fire Thorpe!

Funny how every team's QB plays like the best QB in the league against us, of course, except Vernon Adams Jr.

Lack of talent on the D line.

You'd think Jamal Davis, would've helped a little with that problem

You would think that!

Imagine not having Geno lmao, we'd be screwed.

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Harris has no arm.


stepped out sadly


I guess I'm blind

Was close..but WF did a good job staying inbounds.

RBs 13/14 passing 194 yards ... 6 runs for 32 yards ... average 11.3 yards PER PLAY

Sobering stats!

Maybe, i am out to lunch..but i expect the D to be better in the 2nd half...can't do worse?

Jones misses tackle and turns a 4 yard loss into a 3 yard gain.

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Starting only 96 yards away from a field goal to cut the lead to one.

Larry Smith would have been in the dressing room flipping the table over....with Maciocia on it.

Even my pessimism was wrong

Lol...even Stanback looks awful...not blaming him.

Verchaval thinks it is a completion ... which would likely the RBs at least 3 points ... pray for inconclusive