Game 16: Als at Redblacks 10/14/22

Jones having a hell of a game.

It looks like it's going to be a long night for the Als' defence...

Now we know why Mike Jones is the highest paid DB on the team.

Don't worry Thorpe will make adjustments...:unamused:

Because he gets paid by both teams?

He has been pathetic thus far tonight.

Good one! :laughing:

I could've swore we had games where our D-line looked unstoppable, what happened to them?

Harris annoys me more and more each game!

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When??? They've always sucked.

I know Lewis shouldn't have missed that pass but it was also behin=d his back shoulder when it should have been leading him forward

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We had 8 sacks one week against the Roughriders

Oh when RR had 1 practice, a short week and half the team injured.

Mike Jones gives up a first down on first and twenty.

Look at the D body language...they dont give a shit.

I really think missing the playoffs is a real possibility, I don't see us winning anymore games this year.

I tell u thing that could happen to this team! Honestly!

Thorpe's defence SUCKS!

I can't believe that hack will be the HC next season. :rage:

Pretty sure he had the DBs lining up 20 yards deep, and still gave up a first down

The RBs are in their heads now.