Game 16: Als at Redblacks 10/14/22

Tyson Philpot is listed as the starter replacing Reggie White.

Yesterday, John Hodge posted that Sean Jamieson torn his ACL. Although both Jamieson and White are done for the year, they were only placed on the 1-game.

OL Philippe Gagnon from 1-game Injured List
WR Cole Spieker from Practice Roster

OL Sean Jamieson to 1-game Injured List
WR Reggie White to 1-game Injured List

Maciocia certainly hasn't created a winning culture with this team, I don't think our record would be much different had Khari been allowed to continue.

There has been no consistency, and we just never know what team will show up.

So while I'm always hopeful for a win, my mindset has become que sera, sera.

what type of season ending injury did Reggie White Jr have? Was it an ACL tear too?

They didn't specify, but he was to have immediate surgery, so likely an ACL.

I think it could change our lineup in a positive way, next year, if Richards starts at MLB. Awe plays hard but he's undersized for the position.

Looking forward to seeing Phlipot getting more time on the field. No expectations for the game. By rights this is a game we should win, but this team hasn't shown any ability to win games against teams lower than them in the standings. Or the capability to make any win easy, really. It's great to win contested games, but if literally every game you win is contested, you aren't a contender yet.

Maybe one day we'll have an offense that can score consistently and play 60 minutes of football more often than not. Not this season, though.

I mean Khari was 2-7 in his last 9 games and with Stanback for most of those games.

We will never know but DM team plays better then the KJ one n


Yeah, I agree. The truth is usually pretty gray, not black and white.

Did KJ deserve to be fired? Yes.

Has Maciocia done better? Yes, but not by much. The biggest change is the defense stepping up, which indirectly is a credit to Maciocia, since Thorpe was his hire. But the offense remains stuck in the mud, with many of the same problems, compounded by having to keep KJ's playbook because his firing happened four games into the season, itself a byproduct of Maciocia's cloak-and-dagger nonsense. if he had fired KJ, whom he clearly didn't believe in, during the 2021 offseason, he could have hired a new head coach and OC and give them training camp to install a new playbook. By waiting four games into the season to fire KJ, Maciocia effectively set a pretty low ceiling on how much we could expect from the offense in 2022.

I hate our receiver routes TBH. They're so early aughts -- dull and predictable. Very little interesting pre-snap motion and we rarely run receiver patterns through each other, which means no picks and rubs to create separation. And AC has become more and more conservative as the season wears on, to the detriment of the unit.

I want this playbook burned in the offseason regardless of who becomes head coach and OC.

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Four reasons for Khari's firing were mentioned in this story at the time:

  • 2nd half adjustments
  • discipline
  • red zone performance
  • "being a little more creative, more movement"

I don't see Maciocia as having improved on any of that. But he's here for now (and hopefully only for now), so let's see how he leads the team down the stretch.

Maciocia ready to coach Alouettes for rest of 2022 season - Montreal Alouettes


Tim Capper said it has been confirmed that Reggie White tore his ACL. With such injuries happening late in the year, the Als will have to determine if both he and Sean Jamieson are expected to be ready by opening day 2023.

The Defense has played better under Thorpe, the rest is worse or the same Still take tons of penalties. Still suck in the red zone, still dead stick in the second half of games.

I don't know what to expect tonight. It will either be gbad or squeak out an ugly win. I think that the RBs have got into the heads of the Als players...mentally, with the exception of a few players, this team is very fragile. We shall see which TH decides to show up tonight.

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The most important thing at the end of the day, it's the W and L and we improve a lot in that department. For the rest, there will see changes with a new Coaching staff

What a D we have!


Did not take long for the RB to put up a TD.

What a Oline we have!

Well ... Mike Jones must be sore from head to toe as he was beaten like a drum twice on that drive.

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Hard to believe we're a 7-8 team sometimes.

WHAT a D we have.

incredible performance by zema on the high snap, lol

Almost looked like a perfect snap for a fake