Game 15: Redblacks at Als 10/10/22

William Stanback gets the start but will probably play as much as he would have in a typical pre-season game. Thus, the Als are dressing both Walter Fletcher and Jeshrun Antwi as well.

DB Najee Murray from 6-game Injured List
DL Vincent Desjardins from Practice Roster
RB William Stanback from 6-game Injured List

DB Kenneth Durden to Practice Roster
DL Michael Wakefield to 1-game Injured List
WR Kevin Kaya to Practice Roster

That's the best lineup on paper we had all year long

Hope we can stay healthy and keep that lineup for the playoffs

I'm worried about dressing a raw rookie in Desjardins, albeit as a backup, and sitting Wakefield just to satisfy the ratio issue created by Stanback and Fletcher both dressing. Next year, I think we need to start one more Canadian on defense besides Dequoy at safety. Maybe Richards competes for LB or DL spot; maybe we sign someone in free agency.

Edit: I also don't mind limiting Stanback's reps, since we're playing two games in five days. Would also be the perfect time to give Davis a play package but the coaches don't seem to want to make this happen.

Edit 2: Gagnon healthy but not dressed. Seems like Lestage has taken that LG spot permanently, and rightly so.

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Desjardins is not a raw rookie, he already played 22 games in the CFL (20 with CGY)

Next year Richards is gonna start if he can stay healthy

Witch Davis are tou talking about ?

OK, my bad on Desjardins. That's good to know. So he's already seen a fair bit of CFL experience, good.

Richards hasn't had the kind of year that makes me think he'll automatically start next year, but I hope you're right.

Dominique Davis. I generally refer to Davis Alexander by his last name to avoid confusion. :smiley:

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I think they're gonna give Richards every chance to start with what they invest to get him.

Davis is not a good runner though, he's really good on QB sneak but he was never a big rusher even in college

He's got a cannon arm, though. I'd love to see a tempo package for him that we run immediately after a QB sneak, to catch defenses off-guard.

Not sure I want him to pass the ball though, he's a terrible passer. Maybe a trick play in a 2nd and 1.

Last time Paul LaPolice was fired (which made me wonder how many other CFL Head Coaches have been fired multiple times in the middle of a season), the Bombers were next scheduled to play in Saskatchewan followed by a home game against those same Riders. Bombers lost the road game 52-0 to the Riders whose Offensive Coordinator was Bob Dyce. Next week, the Bombers lost at home 25-24.

Just curious to see if history will be close to repeating itself.

He's won games in this league. He may not be the best or our future, but he can throw a football. There's no point having a backup QB if you don't trust him to throw the ball.

Ottawa is one of the few teams we've been able to hang points on. I want to see 30+ points from the offense this time around and at least 3 touchdowns. NO EXCUSES.

He loss way more games though. I don't he's our backup, If Trevor Harris injured himself tomorrow and he's out for the rest season, pretty sure Alexander is the one would get the starts.

Sure, he lost games. So has every QB. Using that as a reason to never give him an opportunity to pass again is odd to me. But if the team wants to use Alexander instead, I'm fine with that too. Just as long as at least one of our backup QBs gets some action. Don't want a Shea Patterson situation again this year.

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If you watched the USFL at all, you would understand why Shea Patterson never got any playing time. #1 draft pick in that league, that got released before the season even ended.

I think the point was that the Als had to turn to Patterson despite his almost total lack of PT with the Als.

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Then why did we sign him last year and dress him instead of Shiltz, if he's that bad?

In any case, the point isn't "Shea Patterson is awful," even if that's true (I can't say). The point is: our backup QBs can't be stone cold the whole season long. If anything happens to Harris, I'd like either Davis or Alexander or both to have gotten some meaningful action behind center (not just QB sneakers).

I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with getting our backup QBs playing time, CFL is the only league that even cares about their backup QBs so much. You'd never hear someone in the NFL complaining about how their backup QBs never play. They're paid to be a backup QB, they're suppose to be able to come in cold and perform decent, that's literally their job. I never want to see our Backup QBs come in unless Trevor Harris gets injured, we're getting blown out, or we're up huge.

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This isn't the NFL. And in a league where almost every team can expect their QB to go down to injury or be unproductive, it's asinine to keep the backups glued to the bench. Harris in last year's ESF being case in point. He was awful in that game, completely ineffective. If we had dressed Shiltz, we might have been able to fight our way back and win. Instead, we had no choice but to sink with Harris.

I don't want to repeat that scenario, especially since there is every likelihood we'll face Hamilton in the playoffs again and Harris hasn't exactly been hugely successful against them this year.

Ted White in 2004. Same deal.

Trevor Harris Games against Hamilton Tiger Cats this Year:

24/31 382 yds 3Tds 1 int
26/35 244 yds 2 tds
25/41 288 yds 1 tds
Record: 2-1

You have an irrational hatred of Trevor Harris, he has not been bad against Hamilton Tiger Cats, those are some of the games he's played exceptional well. Dominique Davis is damaged goods, no matter how much playing time we give him, he will always be trash. He is not good, how many chances should he get? He's not a good QB, the only reason we have him, is for him to play the role of QB sneaker that's it. Montreal Alouettes knows that if Trevor Harris goes down we're screwed, that's the risk they're taking, giving him playing time won't change anything.


Dominique Davis has also been in the league for 7 YEARS, he's also 33 years old, he's not going to magically get better, he sucks, he just isn't a good QB.