Game 14: Alouettes at Elks 10/01/22

nice catch ....

It will be interesting to see the actual number ... the big stadium makes it look bad ...

Geno is awesome, but MOAR RUN please! Just once, I'd like to see us shove our RBs down the other team's throats, chew up clock, and wear down the defense. I know Stanback is due back soon, but we should be able to run the ball more even with him out of the lineup.

The other games had over 20 k and

it looked really empty I can

at least see some people there today

so that's good .

Wish I could say that Awe's hit wasn't RTP ... but it was

man even the trees in the background are green and gold .

Grind Edmonton into dust, Als! No mercy, no quarter, no letting up. Just once, can we have a complete 60 minutes and hang 35-40 points on the opposition?

well said Dusty ..... love Matty

Is it okay to like Dancing Danny ....

he always reminds me of Rick Moranis .

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RDS noting that the Edmonton stadium folks rushed a replay onto the "Jumbotron" so Jones had a chnace to watch a replay before the Als could run a play ... diesn't seem like it should happen

Well ......... they ran the ball and fumbled it

Just jerking your chain

Lawler hurt that will be a loss .

I've given up expecting anything else this season. Game 14 and this is who we are. I honestly don't think Maciocia and Calvillo have the offense ready to start games. We are dead slow and everything is an effort. We don't use the run game enough. It is what it is. We'll likely make the playoffs just because Hamilton and Ottawa are in worse shape than us. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Gdamn turnovers!!

I put that fumble on Matte more than Harris ... KM got pushed around like I was in flag football at Carleton when I liked up against a journeyman CFLer who went back to school.

This game is slipping away...Danny better wake them up.

I don't see enough of a PI there but I hate the way the CFL calls it


Just like the last time we played elks


These last 5 mintues have been pathetic

good grief