Game 14: Alouettes at Elks 10/01/22

DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy from 1-game Injured List
DB Zach Lindley from 1-game Injured List
DL Michael Wakefield from 1-game Injured List

LB Tyrell Richards to 6-game Injured List
DL Nick Usher to 6-game Injured List
OL Philippe Gagnon to 1-game Injured List

Really bad luck for Richards going back on the 6-game.

Gagnon on the 1-game, legit or a way to hide the fact that he seems to have lost his starting spot to Lestage? I guess if he were 100% healthy, he, not Davis, would be backing up Lestage at left guard.

No real surprises overall. Deqoy and Findley draw back in, so Beverette moves back to Will. Moore, Davis, and Costigan will presumably rotate at DE.

Edit: This feels like a big trap game and I don't expect us to win, unless SSK pulls off an upset later today and thus eliminates Edmonton from playoff contention. And even then, I don't feel confident. The offense hasn't played a complete game more than twice this year, and Cornelius is going to present our D with all kinds of problems.

Losing in Edmonton would mean that the Elks swept the season series against the Als. That happening would probably make this thread explode with anger all of which would be directed at Danny Maciocia.

The team has won four of its last five games. At some point, a loss will happen. But a convincing win tomorrow would be great in many ways. It gets us back to .500 and keeps us in the race for the division title.

I'm waiting for the offense to explode. I get that Calvillo is still learning how to call effective games, but there is no reason for us to consistently struggle to put points on the board. We have talent across the lineup: a strong group of receivers, solid running backs even with Stanback out, and an O-line that is giving Harris time to find open targets now that Lestage is in the lineup. Thirty points per game should be an average, not a ceiling.

It is a shame ... but playing, even practicing, injured is not good for his development.

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I share your trepidation.

I know a lot don't like him here but he's doing a good job since he took the HC job. He took a team that was 1-3 and he's 5-4 with that team even with a slow start


Would depend on how they lost.

Not sure why Kenneth Durden would have been put on the Practice Roster Sept. 28, when he is back on the Roster for tomorrow's game. :thinking:

It's too early to say one way or another, but penalties have been down the past few games as well. The team is learning how not to self-destruct and how to close out close games instead of imploding. All good signs. How much that has to do with Maciocia, I can't say. He's said himself that he's letting the coordinators do their jobs and not really micro-managing anything.

That said, I do not think he'll be back as HC next year. It's not even personal; there's just too much to do as HC and as GM to have one person doing both jobs in 2022.

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Like I said in the Head Coach thread, both Cecchini and Maciocia would't have said that the HC and GM job need to be 2 persons if the plan was to have Danny HC next year

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Trevor Harris one TD pass away from 150

Hopefully Wes Sutton has polished his technique in being able to cover Kenny Lawler. No tugs on the jersey. Some NFL teams have their DBs practice with mitts to create good habits.

And hopefully the refs won't call PI when Lawler runs into Sutton.

Lawler is injured no ?

He's back for this game. Tre Watson also.

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Nice day looks sunny ,

but holy empty seats batman .

With that home losing streak, I can't really blame fans for staying away.

Holy WR sweep Batman

True but to Just to get some sun and suds

it's a long winter in Edmonton .

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Lewis makes it look so %#%#**^#$ easy sometimes