Game 13- Hamilton at Montréal- 2022-09-23

Evans looks sharp...Harris..ummmm

He just doesn’t have the arm anymore

What is most disturbing with this team is that they don't seem to have a sense of urgency...i don't get it.


Evans is cutting the D up to shreds. We are in trouble folks.


La défensive les avait dans les câbles sur un 2e et long! Ils ont trouvé le moyen de faire 3 points!

Un plaqué raté vient de nous coûter 3 points


Way to much miss tackle and not just today



Sutton en a manqué quelques-uns!

Surtout Wilson je trouve

Understand why Calgary did release DB Raheem Wilson, earlier in the season. Missed an easy tackle deep in Hamilton territory on second down; he makes the tackle and the Alouettes have a chance for a field goal. Wilson beaten further in the drive. Thanks to him, the Tiger-Cats had an easy field goal.



I miss Najee Murray and Greg Reid

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And Stanback!

Ohh for sure !

Have teams figured out the Als PR/KR return strategies or is Worthy perhaps not worthy?

one positive point, Mustafa Johnson is playing an other good game

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If we get stanback back, do you think Fletcher goes to the 1-game?

I would think so.

Bad call imo with Hamilton going for it. Youd think they play field position in that scenario.

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Was clock wrong lol, huge delay of game right there that wasn't called