Game 13- Hamilton at Montréal- 2022-09-23

When Chris Ackie was with the Redblacks, he hardly played because the same person ahead of him in Montreal was now in Ottawa: Kyries Hebert.


that's true

I agree, I think Ackie's time here is done. If Thorpe is starting Harelimana at Will and moving Beverette to safety with a veteran like Ackie on the roster, there's no point in paying him a veteran's salary to be a backup.

For the second day, Zach Lindley did not practice; I won't be surprised if he's out of next Friday's game. If he's out + the fact that Narc-Antoine Dequoy will also be out, the Alouettes will still have only 20 Nationals, despise the return of Tyrell Richards.

I wonder if N DB Treshaun Abrahams, now on practice roster, could be added to the roster.


Correction: If both Dequoy and Lindley are out and Richards in, the Alouettes will only be at 19 National players.


Herb Zurkowsky wrote that Philippe Gagnon is doubtful due to a back issue.

Dylan Wynn won't play Friday

Le moment que P-O Lestage attendait | Le Journal de Montréal (

Lestage starting in place of Gagnon ... a truly incapacitating injury or a convenient means to phase out a respected veteran?

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I hope we gonna bring a lot of pressure, Ti-Cats Oline is not good and we need to take advantage of that

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I'm hoping Jamal Davis has as much of an impact in his first game back as Mustafa Johnson did against B.C. I really like how our D-line looks now.

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Me too, hope Davis can have an impact right away. I hope Johnson can continue like he did vs BC too. Would be fun to find a stud player with our US Recrutement. Usher/Moore/Johnson/Davis/Costigan could be a really tough Dline to play against on the pass pro

I would like them to use Tyrell Richards as WLB too and blitz him

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That leaves Sewell as the odd man out, which is probably a good thing given his age. I too want to see Tyrell Richards take on a larger role. Miles barely used him, and then he got hurt when Thorpe came in. We didn't draft him first overall just to play him on special teams.

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I would still use Sewell but I didn't put him there because he's not a pass rusher anymore. He takes a lot of blocks though in the middle and he can help others rusher that have 1 vs 1 confrontation

Tyrell Richards have the tools to be dominant, I saw it at the camp and he did show it during pre season. I'm fine if they use more Hamalimala since Richards is coming back from an injuries but I would like to see him in the 2nd half of the game where we could blitz him. I think he can make damage

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Despite speculation otherwise, Chris Ackie does get the start at linebacker.

LB Tyrell Richards from 6-game Injured List
DL Jamal Davis signed this week
OL Patrick Davis from 1-game Injured List

DB Marc-Antoine Dequoy to 1-game Injured List
DB Zach Lindley to 1-game Injured List
DL Michael Wakefield to 1-game Injured List

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Interesting, they have Richards as MLB. I think he’s better fit as WLB

Cats looked ok to me last week against the Bombers.

Yes they look good against Winnipeg, but in general it was tougher for them.

Please, keep running all game long !

Does the CFL allow fumbling forward?

After the bye week....always flat!