Game 13- Hamilton at Montréal- 2022-09-23

While I won't say that this Friday's game is a must win for the Alouettes to make the playoffs, since they will still play 5 more games after this one, including 4 games against the East, I nevertheless concede that it is a crucial game for both teams. The team that will win will hold a strong option on second place in the East.

While I could change my thinking in the next days, presently I expect Hamilton to win this game; they have a better offensive line and a much better front seven. If they play like they did yesterday against Winnipeg, they could win their 5 remaining games.

With the return of Jamall Davis, I wonder if Danny could try to trade either Wakefield or Usher; to me, 2 teams, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, could be interested. Winnipeg is dealing with injuries on their defensive line and a player such as Usher could be of interest to them. Wakefield could interest Saskatchewan. If no trade, 1 of these 2 players will be added to 1 game injury list.

Richards and Stanback should/ could practice today; Richards will come off the 6 game injury list this week and will play against Hamilton. Stanback will remain on 6 game injury list for another week. Will be eligible to play against Edmonton of October 1st, 2022.



As per actual roster on Alouettes site, A DB Najee Murray is now on 6 game injury list.


Scary isn't it? Our team went into Hamilton last night thinking about what SPF they should use for the optimal face tan. What a wake up call THAT turned out to be. Did the TigerCats just suddenly sober up or did they finally get the right group healthy at the right time yesterday?

Whatever it was they did to get as good as they are now, we don't have to worry about it. We won't face them again this season... unless they make to the Cup in November... then it'll be time to be afraid. Very afraid. :grimacing:

Well, how could anyone blame you. The Als for over a decade now, choke in these meaningful games.

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And thanks to this scenario repeating itself year after year in Montreal the coach historically gets blamed and fired by the GM at the end of the season. I'm looking forward to the day that history repeats itself and 'Coach Danny' gets punted by 'GM Danny' for his incompetence.

After a spooky knock down drag out fight in the parking lot between the two Danny's, disgruntled unemployed 'Coach Danny' will offer his services to Ottawa so that he can haunt his former team which will still be run by his arch enemy, Montreal 'GM Danny'.

And publicly claim the his firing by the other Danny was motivated by racism.

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That's a bad news, Murray was playing solid football this season. Probably our best defensive player this year

Danny Maciocia said today that Jamal Davis gonna play Friday

Jamal Davis said that he won't purse NFL opportunities anymore because of his age (27)


With Dequoy not dressing because of the passing of his mother, Ackie will likely have to start at Will to maintain the ratio.

Or Tyrell Richards that have practice at full today and yesterday. They could rotate

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Chris Ackie could start at Safety. If he does start at Will and an American plays as Safety, an A LB may have to come off, unless they dress only 5 A DBs. In the past 5 have dressed, but only 4 did start; if 5 start, no depth.


On paper, we should be able to beat Hamilton, with Davis and Richards back in (though Dequoy will be out for personal reasons). But should and will are two different worlds. I don't think we have consistency, and we never seem to come out of bye weeks with sharpness and energy. Expecting a loss, hoping for a win.

In Journal de Montréal, Danny says that he does not know, yet, who will replace Marc-Antoine Dequoy at the safety position; Tyrice Beverette had some repetitions at that position. If Beverette was to play that position, then Chris Ackie would most likely start at Will , as Sheldon wrote.

While Zach Lindley could play at Safety position, at practices he was limited on Sunday and DNP today, re hip issue.


Tyrice Beverette in for Marc-Antoine Dequoy at safety. Article implies Brian Harelimana replaces Beverette at linebacker?

What does Thorpe have against Ackie? I would have expected Ackie, a veteran, to start at safety, but apparently not, and he's not even starting at linebacker to replace Beverette.

I think Haralimara/Ackie/Richards will rotate depending the situation

Yeah, that's possible. It just seems weird that Ackie isn't mentioned at all in that article despite being healthy.

Noel Thorpe has always seen Chris Ackie as the 4th linebacker if you are starting 3. This goes back to the time when Kyries Hebert was in Montreal. I personally do not expect Ackie to be an Alouette in 2023. He makes too much money, and there are cheaper replacements already on the team.

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I'm wondering how much Ackie is really healthy though, because like you said it's weird he's not a starter. He was a stud for us last year

At the same time, Ottawa trade for him in 2018 when Thorpe was their DC.

But I think they will give all the chances to Tyrell Richards next year and they will let him go