Game 11 vs Edmonton

Another year full of injuries.

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Kornegay is going to move back to take over for Alexander, while Freeman takes over for him. It will be interesting to see if Kit gets some time over there.
Rey Williams will likely sit on the 9-game. McCullough is cheaper and playing just as well.
Chris Jones and Eric Morris are playing scout-team secondary. Miller is considering Jones at cornerback.
Dalton Bell is playing scout-team receiver. With Armstrong out there, that would make some interesting wildcats.
Harris is just the latest O-lineman to go down for an extended period.
Dominguez is still practicing after practice. They say he's not quite in game-shape.

Will Clermont be playing?

The 1st down conversion / offensive production breakdowns:

Sask Had 11 possessions -- 31 sets of downs

20 First downs ( 13 passing, 4 rushing, 3 penalty )
2 TDs
2 FGs
4 Punts
1 Safety
1 End-of-Half

( 22 converted sets / 30 sets = 73.3% conversion )

Their defence allowed, in 11 possessions -- 33 sets of downs

22 First downs ( 13 passing, 7 rushing, 2 penalty )
4 TDs
1 FG attempt ( missed )
1 Fumble
5 Punts

( 26 converted sets / 33 sets = 78.8% conversion )

Durant played his best game of the year. 73.3% offensive production continues to show progress. His next best game was 69.7% in Montreal. He has grown accustomed to getting more chances with the football, and relying on the defence, which has always come through for him, instead of trying to force plays. The defence let him down.

Edmonton converted their first 20 sets of downs into 17 first downs and 3 TDS. 100% effectiveness up until Whitlock had the ball stripped and taken the other way for a TD. Durant and the offence did their best to keep pace, but with the defence blowing tackles, getting no pressure, and unable to create any kind of stop until well into the 3rd quarter, it's amazing that the game was even close. In the 2nd half, the defence stepped up and was able to shut down the Eskimo offence, allowing them to convert only 53.3% of their down-sets, while the rider offence continued at their 70.6% pace.

Just 4 weeks ago -- the defence was able to hold Hamilton through the entire first half without a single first down. They've given up the fewest first downs of any team in the league.

Not giving up a safety. Letting up on some of those kickoffs so they stop in the endzone. Getting a single on either of the 4th Quarter punts. There were lots of strategic things that could have changed the score -- and the outcome.