Game 11 Ticats @ Argos

Since Ticats havnt released their depth chart yet... Argos have

Seeing that the Argos only have 3 decent Wrs with no FB this week... I dont see Coxie, Banks, or Gittens Jr back up being a prob just gotta worry about Daniels, Ambles and Gittens Jr as far as rec go

Papa white returns, Sexlid returns, Randle Jr makes his ticats debut


Rolle is back, too. Darby out, on the 1-game list.
Dane starts, and Bennett starts, ahead of Carney, with Federico in as a back-up.
Okafor is active as a second OL back-up.
Woods, Burt & Fontana are all on the 6-game list, with knee injuries.
Wynn listed as a GTD.
(Tre' Crawford, registerd as released earlier in the week, remains on the P.R.)


im starting to like our chances against the Argos tomorrow

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Compared to the last meeting, the Argos are missing Harris, Cross, J'Gared, and Priester, who started at boundary half. Former TiCat Maurice Carnell will be in his spot this game.

I've said this before and i'll say it again... Only way Toronto beats us tomorrow is a) their Defense gets a pick 6, or b) MBT throws for more then 1 TD... They needed Kelly to rush for 1 TD and Bede to get 12-13 pts last week and MBT did not throw a TD..

here is the better view

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Don't sell A. J. Ouellette short. His average carry is better than either Andrew Harris or Don Jackson. And it would be a huge mistake to dismiss Banks as a threat.

Did Darby get injured or is this more of a ratio?

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He wasn't listed on the injury report.

i'm not dissing him as a threat... when a player like him only gets like 29-30 yards a game and 3 TD's in 9 games dont really scream scared... hes had 1 good game this year for 95 yards if that... All other games hes not putting up many yards

most likely a ratio thing

I sure hope Woodmansey practiced snapping the ball all week. Usually nothing good comes from an errant snap.


The other revealing statistic is only 20 Receptions on 46 Targets. That is way below acceptable [from an Argos' perspective].
I have watched several Argos' games; the announcers have alluded to the fact that MBT & Brandon Banks do not appear to be on the same page. And I have noticed that the two of them have had animated conversations walking off the field or on the sidelines on a few occasions, w/ MBT doing most of the talking.
I am going to give the QB the benefit of the doubt on most of those "miscommunications" and assume that Banks is still not in tune with the playbook !! But we are halfway through the season, so that seems very hard to believe . . .

If it is indeed a ratio thing then it should be Leonard sitting out not Darby .
Leonard got beat like a government mule last game . Long story short he effing stunk the joint out , especially when it mattered most .


Coaches obviously like Darby less. Even less than new guy Randle, who starts immediately.

Papi, Durant and Garand-Gauthier lining up to the right side of Evans this week.

Who wants to predict what Marshal Ferguson's Pass Chart will look like after this game? :smile:

I copied the text below from the "Burn the Witches - Vol. VI" thread, which followed the loss to the Argos at BMO Field.
Some of the unexplained drop off in Offensive performance in the 2nd Half, might be attributed to the subsequent revelation that Dane Evans sustained a shoulder injury in the 1st Half. In retrospect, probably not a good decision to attempt to play through that injury.

I re-watched the game yesterday (Yes, a glutton for punishment). The offensive gameplan seemed to be to establish a strong running game early, but also to challenge the Argos' defence with a few opportunistic deep passes (which did not produce anything until it was too late) but other than that, Dane was releasing the ball very very quickly, with very few passes being thrown more than 5 or 6 yards downfield, although there were plently of long throws to the sidelines, as Condell spread the Argos' D forcing them to cover sideline to sideline.

I was not able to verify this on the TV broadcast (but this should have been very apparent to Condell & his spotters in the booth . . .), but I suspect the Argos must have made an adjustment to more man to man coverage, as well as challenging our receivers at the line of scrimmage. The loss of Bralon Addison (& Mike Jones (??) ) would have also allowed the Argos' D to slide more coverage to Dunlop & White, thereby forcing the 'Cats' O to look elsewhere. The bottom line was that the short passing game was far less successful in the 2nd H. The quick passes would also explain why Evans was not sacked a single time in that game; he was not holding onto the ball long enough for the D to get there unless someone was totally unblocked. But it also means that Dane was usually making a single read & throwing to his primary receiver come hell or high water. All of these things would have factored into the results on the field, in the 2nd H.

Finally, it was not like Condell / Evans totally dispensed with the deep passes in the 2nd H . . . Evans did attempt one deep pass to Kiondre Smith (#85) in the 2nd H (Smith got open, but the pass was underthrown) as well as the deep pass to Tim White (#12) which was also underthrown, but resulted in the big DPI penalty that the Tiger-Cats failed to capitalize on.

There may be a reason why the 'Cats believe they cannot exploit the Argos' pass defence with the intermediate routes and it is very possible that Addison's injury allowed the Argos' D to take away some other things from Hamilton . . . the 'Cats coaches have another 3 daze to figure this stuff out.

Don't forget Desmond Lawrence because the same things apply to him as well.

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That's true . I'm honestly beginning to wonder why we bothered to sign Darby in the first place if we're not going to utilize him . Also wondering how much more rope do you give to Durant at receiver before giving him a one way bus ticket out of town . These guys were two of our so called big ticket FA signings this year . One is for whatever reason not being used and the other has been used but has been absolutely useless and basically is just taking up a roster spot that could / should go to someone with a little more enthusiasm and productivity .