Game 11: Rouge et Noir at Alouettes 2022-09-02

Okay... one last question, why are Wakefield (Defensive Tackle) and Moore (Defensive End) both listed as 'LD'?

DL mean DT in those list.

Okay... I guess. Thanks for almost clearing that up.

Just like in English, there is an umbrella term for all defensive linemen: LD (ligne défensif).

The French term for tackle is plaqueur, so PD refers to the specific defensive tackle position (plaqueur défensif).

Sometimes players are listed as LD (DL) because they are tweeners, capable of playing both end or tackle, because the team hasn't decided where to play them yet, or because the website or story is in a rush and it's easier to just refer to them by the broad position.

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Saw the depth chart on Twitter and as soon as I saw the DL I thought of you.

It will be interesting to see how they compensate.

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This is the only situation where I can understand going with a predominantly 3-4 front. We traded Ellis the same week Gowanlock goes on the 6-game. Bad timing. I expect the new DL to dress next game. But until the new guy is up to speed, yeah, lots of 3-4.

They'd better hope the D-line stays healthy tomorrow. If even one lineman goes down, we are in trouble.

Well, he asked to be traded because of how things went this year. If he were still the starter, would he have still asked to be traded? I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm bumping the presser up because there's some really tasty stuff with Eugene Lewis at the end, when he talks about Vernon Adams:

  • Says if not for VA, a lot of reporters wouldn't know who Eugene Lewis is. Very humble. Said sometimes Vernon would be in the huddle and saying, "Geno, I'm not reading, I'm throwing to you next play."

  • Very honest about needing to keep emotions in check because it might get you cut.

  • Shouted out not only Vernon, but Antonio Pipkin (also in BC).

  • Is trying to use the situation as motivation for him to keep focused.

On Maciocia's side of the interview:

  • He had apparently been trying for weeks to get Lyon and Costigan here. Mike Moore calls Costigan a very "technical" player who can get to the QB.

  • Salary was definitely an issue. If VAJ trade hadn't happened, they might have been forced to make personnel decisions. Now they can think about perhaps adding players.

  • The coaches and he feel very confident in both Davis and Alexander if Harris goes down.

Danny Maciocia went into more detail regarding the Vernon Adams trade in this interview from Wednesday.

He denies that Gary Stern ever blocked any potential trade involving Adams.

Maciocia said before this week, there were no trades where he thought the compensation was fair (a 1st round draft choice).

Plus, Adams never wanted out until a few days ago when he asked Maciocia to look at offers from other teams because he wanted to play. Maciocia claims that he was even willing to back out of any agreed deal if Adams decided at the last minute that he changed his mind and wanted to stay in Montreal.

Maciocia said trading Adams benefited the Als cap-wise because if Adams had returned to the Active Roster, the team might have needed to rid themselves of 2 or 3 salaries.

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While I agree 100% that the trading of Vernon Adams Jr. "benefited the Als cap-wise", the net savings are not that great when you take into consideration that Vernon would have been on 6 game injured list for the next 3 games; he would/could have returned to active roster for the last 5 games of the 2022 regular season.

I also agree that while impacts of salaries on 6 game injured list don't count against the approved cap, there are costs for the team.

Had Vernon Adams remained with the Alouettes for the remaining 5 regular games-once the injured list period of 6 games over- the net costs would have amounted to close to $30,000 for these 5 games.This total includes his 6 games on injury list-not counting against the cap- and his replacement on the active roster by Davis Alexander.

With the trade of Vernon to BC, the net savings for the next 8 games amount to roughly $27,000. This total includes his salary saving for 8 games, his replacement on active roster by Davis Alexander and the negative impact on 1 game injured list since he came off the 6 game injury list only after 3 games; these 3 games are charged to 1 game injury list and count against the cap.

In conclusion, the net positive impact of trading Vernon Adams Jr. to BC amount to $57,000 if you take into account the negative impact of Vernon coming off the 6 game injury list after only 3 games. If the impact of coming off the 6 game injury list are not calculated,-although they should- then you talk about a positive impact of a little more than $172,000. in 2022 by trading Vernon to BC.


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ADJUSTMENTS: Since the "savings"/no charge against cap on 6 game injured list would have to be applied for 6 games before the last 5 games, I cannot count that for the last 5 games of 2022 regular season. For this reason, had Vernon remained with the Alouettes for the last 5 games, the costs would be roughly $91,000 rather than $30,000.

The numbers with the trading/Vernon no longer with the Alouettes don't change and the savings are roughly $27,000.

The "benefits cap-wise" with this trade are therefore $118,000 for the Alouettes.


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Je pense qu'un premier choix de repêchage n'est pas une si mauvaise compensation pour un quart qui a été blessé et qui semble avoir perdu un peu de sa magie (ou est-ce que les autres équipes ont compris comment le mettre en boîte dans ses lectures?)

Je suis content pour Adams qui va avoir une meilleure chance de jouer qu'à Montréal. Les jeunes quarts des Lions font très bien, mais Adams peut quand même apporter une dimension intéressante à cette attaque. Chose certaine, il cadre mieux dans leur système offensif que dans celui de Calvillo.

Je suis aussi content pour Alexander, en qui je vois un grand potentiel. Ceci lui donnera plus de temps en pratique pour poursuivre son apprentissage, et je le vois plus profiter de ce que Harris peut donner que ce qu'Adams aurait pu lui donner. Certes, il est assez mobile, comme Adams l'était, mais il m'apparaît d'abord comme un passeur.

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One thing I will say about Maciocia, in his defense: he got a good future for Adams. And he's right that as much as we love Tyson Philpot, he's not an Alouette if Maciocia doesn't make that draft move to grab the pick.


And the next draft is consider as one of the best since many years. Many really good Oline and the 2 best are local (Matthew Bergeron and Sidy Sow)


Malgré les blessures, les Alouettes doivent gagner cette partie. C'est un adversaire que leur front défensif peut déranger et justement, notre front défensif a bien besoin d'une grosse partie parce qu'il s'est fait un peu tranquille au cours des dernières semaines.

Histoire de l'aider, la tertiaire devra faire le travail et la perte de Murray n'est rien pour aider. La tertiaire des Alouettes est assez moyenne cette saison et ceci n'aide pas le front défensif à se rendre au quart. Je passe sous silence le travail des secondeurs, qui est assez dégarnie aussi.

Il ne faudra pas prendre les Afro-Communistes à la légère, mais mettre les efforts pour prendre l'ascendant de la partie. C'est un mission possible qui posera beaucoup de questions si elle n'est pas réussie.

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I agree that this is a must-win game. It would also be fabulous if, for once, the team had a fast start and was able to score a major on the opening or subsequent offensive series. I would like to see Fletcher get more touches on the ground. He did good work attacking the perimeter against Hamilton. Let's bounce those plays to the outside so Ottawa can't just clog up the middle of the field to stop the run. Tire those linemen by making them play sideline to sideline. Then pound the ball north-south with Antwi.

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This game scares me ... last time the Als faced the Rouge et Noir they barely won (thank you Darwin Adams) ... R&N have switched QBs and DeVonte Dedmon is back ... Als need to be on top of their game ... I do believe they can win, but fear the potential "It's just the R&N" factor.

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Absolutely, this risks being a trap game. We should still win it, though. No excuses. They have to stay focused. Two last-second, nail-biting wins shouldn't lead to complacency.

One of the most dangerous words in sports ... shouldn't

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Must Win!

This aint the same RB team of a month far.