Game 11: Rouge et Noir at Alouettes 2022-09-02

Murray (foot) did not practice Monday and missed Sunday's walk-through. Gowanlock (knee) was limited on Monday.

This is a must win game! Keep the Argos within striking distance.


I agree. Keep within striking distance of Toronto, open up the gap on Hamilton, and (incredibly) keep Ottawa away. If we lose, Ottawa jumps to 3 wins and is only one game behind us.

We're coming off the bye, we're rested, and we're playing at home. Ownership issues be damned, no excuses. Go out and get that win, boys!


I saw a tweet earlier today that Philpot was back practicing. This week's game might be too soon, but fingers crossed.


William Stanback is on the field working out and hopefully will be ready by the end of September.

Vernon Adams and Tyrell Richards are healthy but will likely stay on the 6-game.

Najee Murray might be ready for the Redblacks.

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Great news all around. Adams and Richards both have two more games on the six game, right? So hopefully we get both back the week after next.

Can't wait to have Stanback back in the lineup. Combine him with Fletcher and that is an excellent 1-2 punch combination (power runner and scat runner).

Edit: Feaster has been suspended per the story above. The team currently doesn't know where he is, and it isn't the first time he's broken a team rule, according to Maciocia.

In order to replacing Christophe Normand, team will be implementing a fullback by committee with Regis Cibasu, Greg Gagne, Pier-Olivier Lestage each taking a turn there depending on the situation.

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Apparently, Vernon Adams asked to be traded so the Als complied.

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CFL Transactions has Tavien Feaster being released.

Vernon Adams is listed as being on the BC Injured List, while Avery Ellis, Nafees Lyon, and Thomas Costigan all go to their new team's Active Roster.

Also from Herb Zurkowsky:

There has been talk he (Vernon Adams) might not see the field well and struggles reading defences.

And fullback Christophe Normand, suspended after a luring charge, was released.

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Thomas Costigan and Nafees Lyon are now both on 1 game injured list; same for Najee Murray.

Brock Gowanlock on 6 game injured list. Replaced by G WR Kevin Kaya on active roster. Only 20 N dressing.

A DL Mustafa Johnson from practice roster to active roster; same for A LB Keishawn Bierra. There will be only 5 DL on defensive line; expect many 3-4 scenarios.


Wes Sutton is also questionable for the game.

DB Raheem Wilson from Practice Roster
LB Keishawn Bierria from Practice Roster
DL Mustafa Johnson from Practice Roster
WR Kevin Kaya from Practice Roster (cannot find him on the depth chart)

DB Najee Murray to 1-game Injured List
DL Brock Gowanlock to 6-game Injured List
DL Avery Ellis traded to Edmonton
FB Christophe Normand released

Good to see Sutton drawing in. Only five defensive linemen dressed, though, yikes. I agree that we'll likely see a lot of 3-4 as a result.

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This looks scary.

You're going with two kinda heavy rush Ends FOR THE WHOLE GAME. If they get winded there won't be anyone left in your front 3 or 4 fast enough to pressure Arbuckle:

Brown (300 Lbs), Jamieson (317 Lbs), Lestage (310 Lbs), Moore (269 Lbs) and Wakefield (268 Lbs).

Maciocia will have to lean heavily on his Linebackers this game. Maybe the odd safety blitz will help... but I agree with you. YIKES.

Hope nothing to serious for Najee Murray

Only one edge rusher dress too, hope Usher won't injured himself.

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Personally, I would be curious to see what Bierra could do as WLB. Not a big fan of Beverette

True, but you're listing offensive players in there too. Brown, Jamieson, and Lestage all play on offense. The rush ends are Moore and Usher.

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Darn. I misread the 'Assets' (roster). I got 'LD' right for Wakefield but muffed on 'LO'. Looks like I should've gotten 'LD' (Moore) but why is Usher listed as an 'AD'?

Ailier defensif (AD) = DE

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AD = Ailier DĂ©fensif (Defensive End)

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