Game 10: Cats @ Als 08-20-2022

I was also at the Eastern final in 2009 and 2010. There were over 50k fans at the big O...i believe that it was ears were ringing for a week!



Today's presser. Point de Presse d'avant-match/Pre-game Press Conference: Danny Maciocia (Aug. 19, 2022) - YouTube

Did he say anything of consequence? Saw it was 18 minutes and decided it likely wasn't worth it at 8pm on a Friday night.

Listening to it now. Nothing very earth-shaking, mainly because the questions he's getting are pretty moronic. Herb just refused to stop talking about this four-day homestand.

They are splitting time between Percival Molson and Olympic in practice to get players used to the field (particularly the end zone), but that story was broken before the presser.

Edit: Maciocia had lots of complimentary words for Shiltz, called him very smart and says they have to keep him in the pocket.

If you click on his name you will see that he has rightfully been suspended for his nonsense.

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Click on his name and the line below his name is laced with profanity! I am not sad he was suspended.

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Son flood et ses publications impertinentes le faisaient rivaliser avec EZ Football. Il aurait du être banni plus tôt mais bien content que nous n'ayons plus affaire à cet énergumène.


I can understand why ol' Tex's post about his mother and father has vanished.

But so too did GHT's riposte; (quoted above by sheldon) and mine.

Curious to know the justification for zapping GHT's post and my post, but leaving up Johnny's, sheldon's and Lucas's posts since they are all rather similar.

I have no issue with wiping his nonsense off the board as completely as possible.

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Erasing the memory of Tex, agreed !

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He clearly has mental health problems. Obviously flooding the board with nonsense posts isn't acceptable, but I hope he gets the help he needs.


And back to the pre game show....

Going to be a warm day on the field. 30 c not including the humidity.

Herb now saying the Als made no real effort to re-sign Shiltz, which I thought all along. And he does not appear to be a fan of Maciocia. A little extra motivation for him I imagine.

That last comment speaks volumes, and while Shiltz — who always handled himself with class and professionalism — still remains in contact with many of his former teammates, including Harris and Adams, he speaks little of his relationship with general manager Danny Maciocia, now the Als’ interim head coach after Jones was fired July 6. Jones subsequently was hired less than two weeks later by the Ticats as a football operations consultant, adding yet another plot to the story.

Maciocia and Shiltz couldn’t agree on a new contract. But there have been whispers from numerous sources suggesting the Als’ offer was ridiculously low.

After the way the team treated Shiltz last year, it was clear he wasn't in their plans. He missed a couple of games due to injury, then lost his spot to a raw rookie (Patterson). I still think if Khari had dressed Shiltz instead of Patterson, we might have had a chance at winning the ESF. Harris was completely ineffective in that game but we had no other viable option at QB. Bafflingly bad decision, especially since Patterson left in the offseason.

Hoping to finally see Wieneke having a breakthrough game...he has not been impressive thus far.

Was that Khari or Danny decision?

J'ai davantage l'impression qu'il n'y a tout simplement pas de connexion entre Harris et Wieneke. C'est vrai que Wieneke a échappé des passes qu'il aurait du attraper mais le nombre de passes tentées à son endroit est astronomiquement bas par rapport à l'époque d'Adams Jr. On ne me fera pas croire que c'est parce que les couvertures ennemies sont trop bonnes.

Nice pass Trevor...:flushed:

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Trevor, its the guy in blue.