Game 10: Cats @ Als 08-20-2022

Coté apparently limited in Tuesday's practice. Worthy could be ready for the game. Harris limited for a second straight day.

As per today's injury report, QB Trevor Harris, KR Chandler Worthy and RB Tavien Feaster were all full participants. WR Eugene Lewis and K David Côté were limited.


If the current roster listed on Alouettes site is correct, not too many changes for Saturday's game against the Tiger-Cats/

In: KR Chandler Worthy from 1 game injury list/
In: RB Walter Fletcher from 1 game injury list.

Out: LB Keirshawn Bierra from active roster to practice roster.
Out: RB Tavien Feaster from active roster to 1 game injury list.


CFL Transactions has:

IN Walter Fletcher
OUT Tavien Feaster

CFL transactions also have:
In Chandler Worthy
Out Keishawn Bierra

Release of Rodney Randle Jr. is also confirmed.


From Herb Zurkowsky:

For those wondering why rodney randle jr was released, according to danny maciocia there’s depth at the position and he had to clear some salary.

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Montreal's General Manager Danny Maciocia HAD to clear salary which was a classic cut-throat business move. I heard that Montreal's Head Coach Danny Maciocia was spitting mad over the decision.

"I'm fighting hard for my guys!" Screamed Coach Danny Maciocia. "And that a**hole GM stabbed me in the back! Just WAIT until I catch him alone in the parking lot!!!"

There will be fireworks.

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As I wrote on many occasions, quite often, if not most of the time, when Danny releases a player he will blame it/ give the excuse "we have to work within the cap". He could have just said that Randle Jr. was released because he/the coaching staff felt that Durden and Wilson give us more options/ respond more to our needs.

I agree that you don't keep players when you know that some players on rosters-active or practice- are better than certain player. Just give the exact reasons!


Using the cap as a reason is the same as saying we had better options. You can't keep everyone in a cap world. If someone beats out a starter for a job, you can't keep the starter around making starter money against the cap. So you release him.

I know Maciocia has made mistakes, but honestly, sometimes it seems like he could say water is wet and people would still find a way to criticize him for it.

Players are released all the time. In contrast to the Tre Watson incident, this is just regular football business. Durden is doing a good job at a cheaper price, and Wilson is on the roster now. So Randle became expendable. It's very tough on players. I wish they all had guaranteed contracts, but until and unless that changes, the Alouettes have to go about their football ops like any other team. And that involves cutting players sometimes.

I hope Randle catches on with another team.


Glad to see LBJ breaking down film to see if we can exploit any Hamilton pre-snap tendencies. However, I feel like this week's game should be a litmus test for the offensive line, and for Kristian Matte in particular. He's 37, with a lot of miles on his body, and he hasn't been great this year. If we have another poor O-line performance, I think it's more than fair for Maciocia, Calvillo, and LBJ to start making changes to the starting group. Brown, LeStage, and Schleuger should all be in the mix.


I don't think there is anything wrong in saying a player was released for cap reasons. Better than saying the player is not good enough. And he did mention Durden/Wilson/Williams in the RDS story.

« On a Durden. On a Wilson. On a Williams, a résumé Maciocia. On ne peut pas garder tous ces joueurs-là jusqu’à la fin de l’année sachant qu’il y a un plafond salarial à respecter. »

I think we can find far better reasons to hammer Maciocia.

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We fell for that same trick last week. When our veteran guard swore to do better he had his fingers crossed behind his back.

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I like Matte. He's had a great career with the Als. But 37 is 37. In most football positions, that's pretty ancient. When your efficiency depends on being explosive on your feet and winning position battles against young, athletic d-linemen, you'd better be in top physical shape, and even then, 37 isn't 27. :smiley:

Time waits for none of us. I would also put Sewell into this category too, on the defensive side of the ball. He has been disappointing this year.

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The Argos found that out the hard way when the legendary Andrew Harris fell to father time halfway through this season. Fortunately for the Riders they're still getting some mileage out of nicely ripened Charleston Hughes (but I think they're trying to use him sparingly). Our very own ageless wonder Adam Bighill is showing no signs of slowing down which is likely due to his terminator implants. Once he retires from the Bombers he's going to either advise potential investors or hunt down John Conners.

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Two reasons why this is a crucial game. First, the obvious one: it's a four-point game against a division rival whom we've already lost to once this year, and whom we're battling for a playoff spot. If we lose this game, our playoff hopes are in real jeopardy, since Hamilton would have the season series in the event we finish tied in the standings and it's very probable that a western team would cross over for the third playoff spot.

The second reason: the Alouettes have to find a way to get over the Tiger-Cat hump and start beating Hamilton. Over the past few years, we've mostly lost to Hamilton, in the regular season and in the playoffs. It seems like whenever we need a win against Hamilton, we can't get it, and that has to change.

There is no reason we can't win this game. We're playing at home, we're well-rested, and the Cats are starting their backup QB. I am tired, in particular, of being pummeled by Mark Washington defenses. Maciocia, Calvillo, and the rest of the offensive coaches had better have done their homework and prepared. Hamilton is missing several starters in their secondary. I do not want to see a bunch of two-and-outs until the fourth quarter. It's imperative that we have a strong start and keep the offensive playcalling balanced so Hamilton can't just tee off on Harris. Yes, Eugene Lewis is a bit dinged up, but no excuses. Jake Weineke, time to stop being Mr. Invisible and step up.

Depth chart is up.

En plus, il y aura une solide foule au Stade, la meilleure depuis plusieurs années. Plus de 20 000 billets auraient été vendus.

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Vrai ...

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Au fil des ans et on retourne même dans les années 70, à chaque occasion que les Alouettes prévoyaient une "solide" foule, il est rare qu'ils ont gagné; même en septembre 1977, avec un record de 6-0 et une foule record de 69,093 ils subissent une défaite de 20-14 face aux Argos et Joe Barnes est blessé et il ratera le reste de la saison. Sonny Wade le remplacera et ils gagneront la Coupe Grey cette année là.

Espérons que ce sera une victoire demain. On pensera à la Coupe Grey plus tard.


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Bonne mémoire Richard.